WTF Alert: Rihanna Posts Topless Selfie with Infant Niece

Well, it’s not the first celebrity to make waves with a topless selfie, but Rihanna has managed to make her newest scantily-clad Instagram photo controversial in a whole new way. Posing with infant niece, but without a shirt, Rihanna posted this photo:

I get it, darlings: the censorship material is facing away from the camera. But even as is, the photo just begs the question, “Why?” Or questions, rather: Why aren’t you wearing a shirt? Why couldn’t you put a shirt on for the moment it took to snap this photo? Why does the infant seem to know how inappropriate this photo is, yet you’re smiling like it’s an adorable family photo?

Don’t even get me started on pondering if she even bothered to wear bottoms (of any sort) for this photo. Even the infant donned a diaper; here’s hoping Rihanna followed suit with at least some sort of coverup.

Earlier, Rihanna posted a far more appropriate (and, dare I say sweet?) photo with her cousin’s baby. See, RiRi, all it takes is a shirt to elevate a photo from “WTF?” to “Awww.”

Luckily, this child was just on temporary loan from her presumably clothing-wearing mother. Can you even imagine the number of mother and child selfies ahead should Rihanna reproduce?

XOXO, dolls, and do remember that clothing shouldn’t be viewed as optional.


  1. Blair Said:

    Last I checked, Rihanna still doesn’t have an ig. The ig you screenshot doesn’t look like it belongs to her, and it actually says it’s a fan page….

  2. Danielle.emily Said:

    Kinda looks like in the very bottom of the picture she has a shirt on.. Maybe I’m wrong but

  3. diana Said:

    She is definitely not topless in the bottom pic, so she’s probably not topless in the top one either.

  4. Christine Said:

    She is wearing a bathing suit you can see the strap around her neck and that suit by the bottom of the page and the baby is in a towel meaning they probably went to the pool. Hm

  5. Geraldine Said:

    You can see the black edge of her shirt in the top one lol. It’s probably one of those low back halter tops

  6. Cissy Said:

    She’s topless in the top one, that ‘shirt, bath-suit, etc’ you see is a tattoo. Here’s the original picture: nairayouth . com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/rihanna-500×781 . png

  7. Aldana Said:

    What the f*** is wrong with you?! It’s just the human body, she’s her niece, they are at home! Should I point out that babies breast-feed? The photo is not even obscene, she doesn’t even show her nipples nor is she doing something disgusting. Maybe you could initiate a campaign to blind babies when they eat, to prevent them to see a tit ¬¬

  8. bailee Said:

    who cares what she does?! and that isn’t her instagram. her instgram had “riri” something. i would kow bc i was following it

  9. ggf Said:

    Totally agree with aldana. Gossip girl, you dont have anything better to write, dont write at all.

  10. Kestrel Said:

    She isn’t wearing a bathing suit, that’s a chain necklace she’s worn before and that isn’t a shirt, that’s a tattoo on her side. I don’t care about her nudity obsession, she’s got a beautiful body, but I wouldn’t want another woman holding my naked baby’s body against her breasts. And, no. I never hung out a home casually with the fam with nothing on. Call me uptight but I tend to keep my clothes on around people other than my spouse.

  11. Ever Said:

    Nothing prooves that she is nude!!! Gossip Girl you are an idiot! Even if she was topless it wouldnt be a big deal! Plus you can see the strap of the bathingsuit/top on her neck…. This is totaly mean and senseless.

  12. Sierra Said:

    1) It looks like she’s wearing something. 2) It’s her family, it doesn’t matter if she is or isn’t, they’re at home. 3) It disgusts me that you have the nerve to say “Remember, clothing isn’t something that should be viewed as optional.” SERIOUSLY? Let people live how they want! Maybe pull your head out of your ass and stop being so judgmental and critical of others and maybe fix yourself instead. Wow.

  13. SRL Said:

    The photo begs the question why? This POST begs the question why? It does look like she’s wearing a backless shirt or bathing suit if you look at the bottom of the pic, but even if she’s not? WTF Cares? WTH is wrong with you? Bedtween salacious posts about Selena’s nips popping out of her t shirt and this post? I’m disgusted with the people posting pointing and giggling over women’s bodies as they go about doing every day activities. Grow up already.

  14. Phlox Said:

    Why is that even an issue? A slow day on “Gossipgirl”? Babies don’t care if you wear clothes or not. They prefer naked people – more skin, more comfort. I’d say she had issues if she tried to fake breastfeeding without being the baby’s mom, but writing “Why does the infant seem to know how inappropriate this photo is…” is simply stupid.

  15. Rachel M Said:

    Babies love skin on skin. It’s a wonderful feeling for the other person as well. It’s natural, it’s loving, and this is her niece!! This is family. It looks like she might be wearing something (you can just see some fabric or something under her left arm), but even if not – this is a natural thing to do & she let us be a part of it by posting a picture (or someone did).

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