Feud Alert: Rihanna vs. Lena Dunham!

Lena Dunham is simply the darling of fashion/television/hipsters/girls who can’t seem to figure out this whole “teeth-whitening” thing, but there’s one fellow star who is not such a fan of the Girls creator: Rihanna!

Apparently RiRi wasn’t too pleased that Lena opened up her big mouth about Ri’s romance with Chris Brown….

“She’s had this amazing career, then gets back together with Chris and posts a million pictures of them smoking marijuana together on a bed. And it cracks my heart in half,” said Lena in an interview…and RiRi did not react well.

lena dunham


In fact, Rihanna was so livid that Lena would offer her not-so-expert opinion (even though Lena does have a point) that Ri refused to let Girls use her song “Talk That Talk” in a recent episode.

But Rihanna isn’t done exacting her revenge just yet…

“Rihanna is vindictive and is so stirred up by Lena that she’s told her team she wants to be at the next event Lena goes to so she can go off on her in person!” tattled a source.



Sounds like Little Lena better watch her back–something tells me that Ri isn’t the type to forgive or forget…unless of course your name happens to be Chris Brown. XOXO.



  1. Regina Said:

    Gosh! Rihanna has become such a little macho. Why can’t she be a lady and ignore comments. That shows her immaturity! So stupid

  2. Jo Said:

    Agreed Regina! I love her music and all, but it seems like she has such a nasty attitude.

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  4. Melodi Said:

    Lena Dunham is one of the most over-rated people of all time! Her show is horrible, she has zero fashion sense and is as ugly and as bland as paper bag. I’m not an overly huge Ri fan but who the hell is Lena to comment. Go seek a stylist and sort your own shit out before commenting on the past lives of others!

  5. jhazzael Said:


  6. Alex Said:

    Totally agree with Melodi. Like who is she anyway? There are more talented people out there that can dress better and worth gushing over. Rihanna could slay her in a snap

  7. Rae Mitchell Said:

    Maybe Rihanna should smoke another joint and grow up

  8. Milly Said:

    Omg who is actually believing this??? Like it sounds like someone got up and just decided to make this story up, why would rihanna seriously take time out of her life to fight lena dirtham??? also it clearly says ‘a source’ which means they pulled it out of their ass, you guys are too gullible

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