Rihanna Works it Out

A rockin’ body doesn’t come cheap: Rihanna is currently being sued by her trainer for over $25,000 in unpaid wages. Apparently the “Hard” singer‘s workout regime costs $1500 a day…and based on the 50% she’s flaunting in this picture, maybe it’s worth it.


  1. Ressie Said:

    My girl ri ri look so sweet …. she roching dat ‘hard’…. ‘hottest bitch in heels right now’

  2. Bernadette Said:

    Rihanna sucks the life out of me.

    First, she is overrated. Way overrated. Sure, her music is catchy but she’s just one of those constructed celebrities who don’t really have the natural talent of a REAL musician, yet they call themselves one.

    Second, she is incredibly WAY too cocky. Sure, self-confidence and assurance of yourself is good.. but she takes it too far. “I’m the shit” only contributes to what’s exactly wrong with this country. People like Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, etc. deserve to be put in their place.

    Lastly, her scandal with Chris Brown.. that was ridiculous. I don’t exactly know how true this is, but she is supposedly with STDs. That is apparently the reason why Chris Brown did what he did. I don’t know about you, but if I found out about something like that, I probably would have been raging mad. So she got a few bruises because of it? She gave him STDs.

  3. sdsdasdsd Said:

    uhm. she looks gross and fat, wtf.
    not worth it.

  4. Sweetcheeks Said:

    K first thing Bernadette! Stop being such a bitch! Even if she does have an STD which by the way isn’t true,that doesn’t allow him to brutally abuse her!! And I get that she’s not everybodys cup of tea but you can say that without totally discrediting her as an artist. And by the sounds of it if it were up to you then everybody would be exactly like you and not have freedom of choice.

  5. Melb Said:

    1) rihanna is OK, but Pink has by far the best body i’ve ever seen!!! And besides she outshines rihanna: music, bod, attitude, hummbleness, and personality! Rihanna thinks she’s the sh&t and i agree that she’s too over rated

  6. Trishia Said:

    She looks like Shakira!!! about “loba”

  7. Bernadette Said:


    1. Do you KNOW Rihanna personally? How do you KNOW she doesn’t have STDs? Just because you haven’t heard of anything, that does not mean they haven’t covered it up. She’s a female celebrity who, unlike Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan, still has a “status” to maintain. For the kind of money she makes, she should be able to afford the most excellent public relations specialist/publicist.

    2. I agree that Chris Brown probably shouldn’t have hit her, but there was no evidence of “abuse.” The only way they got them was that he was actually stupid enough to fall into a trap set by the media. Besides, Jay-Z couldn’t save him. Rihanna is his pet. He probably took care of her publicist to the tee.

    3. Actually, you are completely wrong on that. I advocate for freedom of choice like none other. All I’m saying is that people like her need to be put in their place. Because apparently, they aren’t intellectual enough to know between stupidity and creativity. Like I’ve said, she’s completely overrated.

  8. Sari Said:

    I have belonged she could be insured of the legs, really ill. I like theirs songs really very much. At that time everything meant them Beyonce would copy.To Umbrella came.She has sung it with jaz y has (rapped).Then Beyonce about an odious competitor sang.The press imagined of course immediately in it around Rihanna acted.Some are Jay z and Beyonce the press thought in conflict in the quarrel of the both around him went.Beyonce and Rihanna said before the press always no quarrel gives.

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