Rihanna’s Beach Outing: A Total Fail!

Why anyone would go on a public beach is beyond me. So, I’m not surprised at all that Rihanna was furious about her experience while trying to soak up some sun in Sopot, Poland.

Fans were gathering around the singer and her friend, snapping pics, annoying her, etc., so in an attempt to get some privacy, the girls made a make-shift nook with beach chairs and umbrellas–ellas, ellas, ellas… (sorry, I had to.)

But it apparently did not appease RiRi who complained that she was “Caged in like a f***ing animal” in a video on Instagram. Check it out:

Do you totally get where Rihanna’s coming from on this one, or do you think the overly-dramatic diva was making a bigger deal out of it than necessary? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO



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