Cute or Ew: Rixton Covers Ariana Grande’s “Problems”

I love Ritxton, because accents, so I was delighted to see that the boys gave their own personal spin to Ariana Grande’s #1 hit, “Problems.”

“Congratulations to @ArianaGrande for getting to no 1 in the charts this week! Watch our cover of “Problem,” they tweeted along with this video of their version…

It pains me to say this, but I do not really care for their rendition. It sounds like…I’m not sure, darlings…a television theme song or something. It just doesn’t sound like a full out song. And I do rather wish they’d included Iggy Azelea’s rap in there, because accents.

Perhaps they shouldn’t have tried to tackle a hip hop song that’s full of synth beats that can’t be easily replicated using actual instruments. I feel that they may have done better covering, say, “22” by Taylor Swift or even “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus. If you were making their next set list, which popular songs would you have them cover? Or are there some under-the-radar tunes that you think Rixton would do brilliantly with?


  1. Wow Said:

    I think they’re fabulous

  2. Amazing Said:

    I think it may be better than the original.

  3. Kalyn Said:

    I loved their rendition of Problem

  4. Bridget Said:

    I LOVE THIS <33

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