Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Getting Back Together?

My army of spies never lets me down, darlings. And they’ve been whispereing in my diamond-adorned ear that Robert Pattinson is perhaps maybe possibly considering reconciling with his snake of an ex, Kristen Stewart. Apparently Rob’s anger at le scandale is winding down and now he’s beginning to miss his grungy girlfriend and is asking pals if he should give their romance another go.

I’m all for recycling when it comes to Bergdorf’s bags and Citarella latte cups, but a cheating ex? That’s one thing I have no problem tossing for good…XOXO.

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  1. eunicegirl Said:

    Okay I’m BACK!!! I’ve missed GG… It’s sad that our lovely R.patz would want Miss Cheater..oops sorry I meant Miss Bella back, but all things are possible. I for one would never take a cheater back no matter how sad I feel inside (I have a bit of an ego) but maybe Bella and Edward are meant to be together. Love is crazy that way. I hate to say it but…. I think he should go for it. She seems really sorry and like they’ve always said, ‘They complete each other’. And that’s my point of view.

  2. Kylahsaur Said:

    No Rob!!!

  3. emina Said:

    WTF. I mean, it’s sweet of him (probably means he really lover) but if she cheated on him I’d question HER feelings, not HIS.

  4. emina Said:

    loves her*

  5. ILoveYou Said:

    I really hope Rob won’t do it,she doesn’t deserve him.He is 100000000 times better than her :)

  6. Stolen1kiss Said:

    How is this possible ?! After kristen had cheated on Robert he wants to get her back ? Is it for buisness or for true. Love is it stronger than money I don’t think so… Gossip girl is not doing her job really seriously.. To me, this is juste buisness. GG, do you agree ?

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