Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner’s Double Date with Their Ladies

So much for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s break up! The pair shared some smooches in Vancouver as they celebrated K-Stew’s 21st birthday at the Breaking Dawn wrap party with Taylor Lautner and GF Lily Collins. Rob played around with Taylor’s motorcycle, and even prim and proper Lily gave the bike a try! Curiously absent from the fete? Ashley Greene, who ditched K-Stew’s b-day soiree to shop in LA. And you thought Rosalie was the odd Cullen out…

Photograph by Splash News


  1. SPH Bitch Said:

    I hope Kristen and Rob can make the last movie of the Twilight saga this comming summer.. I mean, there will not be any complications! They are pro’s! ;)

  2. samantha Said:

    I think that Taylor and Lily should break up!! ALL the Taylor fans come on who is with me? I would like for him to be single or with me! :)
    Taylor, your to amazing and fine!

  3. Michelle Said:

    Robert and Kristin probably never broke up to begin with. . .
    Sounds like Gossip Girl ran out of gossip at that moment and came up with something that would catch attention for the sake of gossip.

  4. puhlease Said:

    I very much doubt Robert and Kristen ever broke up, the site probably ran out of gossip. Anyway Breaking Dawn stops filming soon actually, so even if they were to break up, they’d only have to do the press tours and stuff, and then they would be done.

  5. dating Said:

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