Scene & Heard: Robert Pattinson Disses Twilight Fans

“Sometimes I ask myself what these masses of people do the whole day. They sit in front of their computers and comment on anything having even remotely to do with Twilight.”Robert Pattinson doesn’t exactly have a ton of respect or admiration for the legions of Twihards who have made him rich and famous beyond all reason/acting ability.

robert pattinson


Is R.Patz (PS he hates that nickname, too) really the one to judge other people’s coolness? After all, he’s the one who dated Kristen Stewart…XOXO.

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  1. MissConfidential Said:

    I still love him <3 but have to admit the Kristen stewart part is completely true and an epic #burn

  2. Ruby Said:

    If you don’t know by now that no one hates twilight more than the twilight cast then you must have been living under a rock. Also don’t judge his acting ability based on a crappy franchise with terrible scripts. He done the best he could so who are you to judge?

  3. Kaleeva Said:

    Actually, he’s not proud of his role as Edward. When you call him like that in the street, he won’t come see you. But if you call him Cédric, he will. Cause he’s proud to be a part of Harry Potter’s cast. And Harry Potter made him famous. Twilight was a mistake.

  4. sami Said:

    I love Rob and I’m a twilight fan but i have to kinda agree with him. People take liking the series to an extreme.

  5. Meg Said:

    I get that the cast hates twilight but that’s no reason to hate your fans. The reason they are your fans is because of Twilight. That’s like telling your fans that you could care less about them for liking your work. Why have fans at all if you seem to find them demeaning.

  6. lynn Said:

    He just didn’t like the part when they started shooting and he couldn’t get out of it because of the contract and when he entered in an relationship with cristen stewert she cheated on him with a married dude that I forgot the name of!

  7. dailydetention Said:

    +1 Kaleeva

  8. Serena Said:

    I’m not so sure that he hates his fans. I think it’s more that he thinks they’re pathetic and should get a life.

  9. fay Said:

    Lol. I love robert and kristen but i do agree with him. Twilight was a movie to fall in love with, and enjoy. It is also a movie where you look back the next 5 to 10 years and watch over or read. But to worship it and believe in it is something different, the people hate the fact that people like all over them all the time. I guess he is saying twilight is over and people need to move on with their lives. .

  10. Sara Said:

    He needs to be very careful. The only reason he has a career is because of the people that sit infront of a computer all day and comment.

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