Is Robert Pattinson’s GF Sean Penn’s Daughter or His Personal Trainer?

Yesterday I told you minions that Robert Pattinson had been spotted holding hands with a mystery brunette and introducing her to friends as his girlfriend–and I may have unraveled who the identity of Rob’s new gal pal!

Sources are whispering that it’s none other than Sean Penn’s 22-year-old daughter, Dylan Penn! While she isn’t brunette (a girl can get highlights, you know) I hear they were on a sexy little date at The Viper Room in LA recently and then took her home to a party at his house–where she stayed until the next morning!

dylan penn robert pattinson girlfriend


Meh, I’m not overly impressed by her, are you darlings? Although she is a considerable step up from professional scowler Kristen Stewart, n’est ce pas?

But don’t go congratulating R.Patz on his new love just yet–a different insider tells me that the mystery brunette is in fact his personal trainer, this perky little thing:

True, she could be helping him get that elusive six pack he’s always banging on about…or could she be the one helping him burn calories in a totes different way?

What’s your feeling about R.Patz’s new harem of hotties?


  1. Aldana Said:

    Please, be the brunette!

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