Does Robert Pattinson Have a Crush on Jennifer Lawrence?

Robert Pattinson Fancies Jennifer Lawrence! That’s today’s big headline, Upper East Siders… Although, fine. I suppose just because he said she’s “amazing” and “incredible” in a recent interview, doesn’t mean he’s declaring his love for her. But isn’t it just so much more fun to dig deeper into celebs’ words? And isn’t it also way more fun to talk about Jen instead of R.Patz’s on-again-off-again grouchy girlfriend Kristen Stewart?

“She’s amazing. She’s absolutely incredible.” Rob told The Daily Beast during a convo about J.Law. “But also we’re different types of people. She seems like she’s super-confident—and I don’t have the kind of confidence. She glows. I think you can fit that into quite a few different areas. Whereas I’ve got a kind of sneak-through-the-cracks style.”

I completely agree with him about J.Law’s confidence and him not having it (own your hotness and accent, Rob!), but I’m also not saying that these two wouldn’t be cute (and maybe even compatible) together.

I mean, are any two people more perfect for each other…?

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But tell me dolls, since Jennifer is taken, who could you see Rob with? Let’s play fantasy matchmaker in the comments below!

Robert Pattinson

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  1. kimberly Said:

    I think he and KStew look perfect together because they both have a weird look about them.

  2. mvb Said:

    If i can pick someone to be with him….totally me! haha
    But yes, they could totally be a great couple! I hated KStew, she`s kinda fake, and…well once a cheater…!!

  3. Nancy Said:

    I would see Robert with me. Or whoever he wants to be with ♥.

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