Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Back Together?

robert pattinson and kristen stewartUgh, darlings. For a blissful few weeks, we were thisclose to eradicating Kristen Stewart’s baffling Hollywood career after her obvious, ill-advised cheating scandal with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. It seemed that everyone finally realized what an overrated, lackluster It Girl K.Stew was but sadly, it doesn’t seem like her jilted ex, Robert Pattinson was one of them.

Sources whisper that the two recently had an emotional reunion–after weeks of Kristen’s pathetically obvious attempts to get him back. Rob decided that Kristen’s secret romance was really just a one-time thing (um, a months-long affair is kind of the opposite as a one-time thing, Robby, darling) and decided that he can’t live without her.

And really, who can blame him? Not every girl that has a closet full of grungy Converse, tatty hoodies and constantly reeks of, ahem, herbal substances. One in a million, you are, Krissy.

Are you as disgusted as I am that one of the sweetest, foxiest boys on Earth would take back a girl who has the audacity to cheat on him? Or are Bella and Edward destined to be together?



  1. mriee Said:


  2. shelia Said:

    It is a shame really….a month long afair isn’t a one time thing…. shake my head….so many good people out there why settle for a cheater

  3. hellokitty18ph Said:

    i’m thinking its all for Twilight…

  4. Kate20 Said:

    This is totally a publicity stunt, they will probably break up right after the final twilight movie is released

  5. gossipgirl2012 Said:

    Same Here , It’s All For Twilight , She Would Of Never Took Him Back. There’s Better People In The World To Go After. But All For The Movie Twilight. But Also Happy For Them At A Certain Point. :)

  6. psychokiller Said:


  7. ggada Said:

    WTF!Rob what are you thinking!now ur never getting rid of her!!Me so sad…why!?!this is a joke right?this cant be happening!!

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