Do Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Have a Relationship Contract?

This would seriously explain everything, loves, but is it true? I hear that the only reason why Robert Pattinson is even remotely feigning interest in Kristen Stewart is because he’s under contract to do so (for Twilight publicity, of course.)

“His contract does obligate him to make public appearances with her, and he is not going to be the one to break their contract,” says a source. “That’s why you still see pictures of them on ‘dates’… and why fans can continue to fantasize about them being together for all eternity….”

I totally believe that these contracts exist in Hollywood and wouldn’t be that surprised if this one was real. It makes sense. But, there is one flaw….there’s no reason for them to be doing publicity for Twilight right now, so who cares if the leads are dating or not? I want to believe Robert is being forced to date Kristen because that’s the only excuse I can make up for him, but sadly, I don’t think that’s the case.

What is your view on this? Do you think there’s another reason why Rob is dating Kristen? And don’t you dare say, “Because he likes her,” since we all know that can’t be the case. XOXO

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  1. majan Said:

    because he loves her! :p

  2. Nunya Said:

    Any such contract would be illegal in the US. Look up the Federal AND state statutes. To make such a contract enforceable would be impossible. Next excuse?

  3. Jaymes Said:

    This is BULLSHIT!!!! Twilight saga have already ended last 5 months!!! But you know what, they are still together right now loving each other in a one house with their dogs!!! “ROBERT” ,is not that stupid to sign a contract just to gain popularity!!!

  4. Aria Said:

    I think it’s possible that they are under a contract. It would make a lot of sense. Perhaps they are staying together so that after they break up they don’t raise suspicion over their break up and it would just seem like normal teenagers splitting up after a relationship gone askew.

  5. Mayara Said:

    we all know, that one thing be illegal dont stop no one to do it and one of the most easy reasons are money or popularity . so ? Who knows ? Maybe he do loves her or not , let the time say ;)

  6. Patri Said:

    Seriously, I don’t think that this relationship continues for long. She was cheating on him and I don’t believe he forgot it.

  7. Masale Rakgwale Said:

    Robbert is just a fool and i pray that he sees that bitch for what she realy is. I cant stand the thought of her opening her legs for another man. The contract may exist.

  8. Nikki Said:

    I really couldn’t care less. Kristen can’t act and doesn’t even deserve to be famous (I SO hope we have seen the last of her and she won’t be doing any more movies), and Robert must be an idiot. Why on earth else would you agree to play a sparkly vampire?
    Let’s not talk about them anymore, and forget they ever existed.

  9. Charlie Said:

    Those contracts probably arent illegal. I’m sure they word them in a way that just requires further acting outside of the studio, not actual dating between coworkers. They make public appearances together as a type of promotional living advertisement for their movies and people/TMZ/etc make their own assumptions. However, I agree that such a contract has probably ended by now.

  10. claire Said:

    because he likes her !
    They don’t like to show their love in public because it’s private ! And actually I think that they are really smart about that and kipping the mystery is a way to protect them.
    He can’t love her ? Why ? Because she cheated ? Actually that’s really strong of him to overpass that. It’s not easy to anyone to forgive a mistake. And yeah I call it a mistake bacause if not she would have take the opportunity to get out of the relationship with him.

  11. claire Said:

    I don’t understand people like you who just write to spill their venom on others. Do you personally know them ? What is the point of all this ? Mind your own business and let them live their life !

  12. JessKlotz Said:

    Only one explanation dolls, he simply has not met me yet.

  13. Cza Francisco Said:

    He just loves her no other contract no excuse no stupid reason can take away that fact. ♥ Just saying. If he’s under the contract, he’s got tons of money to break out of it but the truth is he’s not doing it because there’s no contract.

  14. Suzanne Said:

    I agree. I mean, they don’t look happy together! I love them both but not together.

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  18. bete lima Said:

    Eu acho que quem tem sensibilidade pôde ver! não se finge o brilho no olhar, a adoração que os dois tinham um pelo outro e se você observar nos filmes ele olhava para ela da mesma forma fora de cena, dava para sentir o amor no ar “assim como uma aura” a emoção nos pegava do outro lado da tela. Feliz da mulher que viver um amor assim, então ela poderá dizer eu sou feliz! ROBERT E KRISTEN são perfeitos como ela mesma dizia.

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