Want Robert Pattinson To Be Attracted To You? Here’s the Secret!

If you’re dreaming of becoming Mrs. Robert Pattinson, perhaps you should listen to your future hubby’s advice on what he looks smells for in a girl:

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be perfume,” he revealed to Portuguese magazine Activa. “I like the smell of people. It is really strange and I’m sure it has to do with pheromones. We like people because subconsciously we like the way they smell. I always find this very interesting to observe.”

This whole quote is pretty hilarious to me considering R.Patz reeked of cigarettes the last time we hung out together. I just can’t imagine his sense of smell being that sophisticated– Kristen Stewart doesn’t really strike me as someone who smells like roses.

Do you agree with Robert, though? Have you ever been attracted to someone solely based on their natural scent? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO

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  1. Madeleline Said:

    Oh yeah! I have totally been attracted to someone solely by scent!

    Xoxo Mads

  2. Gossip_girl_lover Said:

    Kristen stewart practically drowns herself in perfume looks like R.Patz needs to revaluate

    You know you love me XOXO Gossip Girl Lover

  3. teresa-marie Said:

    Maybe he lived himself to deep into his vampire character.

  4. Sue Said:

    The statement that we are subconsciously attracted to people based on smell has psychological evidence indeed. We are *subconsciously* (note the keyword) attracted to people who smell like us, so his revelation isn’t that surprising. As mentioned, it is subconscious, so we are not actively aware of our preferences and hence can’t tell whether we are attracted to someone because of their scent. Partially, no doubt; but solely? Probably not.

  5. T Said:

    I’m obsessed with smells. My boyfriend doesn’t wear perfume, but I love how he smells.

  6. Martina Said:

    Love the Shirt! I’m from that area. :)

  7. Chloe Said:

    I agree completely actually haha. If someone doesn’t smell good, you know it’s gonna be a no go!

  8. Antoinette Wiese Said:

    Yes,I do believe I have been attracted 2 a man’s smell lol so long as it wasn’t naturally ‘PITS’ eua de. I mean really that’s just disgusting. A man who smells good on the other hand reveals much more to a womans senses if you know what I mean GG.

  9. Babestyles Said:

    You’ll just don’t care at all of his /her smells once you’ve fallen for them.

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