Robert Pattinson’s Bday Gift for Kristen Stewart: A $46K Pen?!

On the Upper East Side, money is no object. And while $46K is chump change for most of us, I was still shocked to hear that Robert Pattinson spent that on one birthday gift for Kristen Stewart: not because of the worth, but because of the item… a pen?!

Granted, it’s a limited edition Tibaldi Bentley Crewe fountain pen (there are only 40 like it in the world) and she’s a collector, but really? Think of all the Louboutins she could have stocked her closet with… or weekend trips to Paris she could have gotten instead. But alas, she got a measly old pen. Maybe she’ll write an inspiring tale with it, or journal about how happy she is in life. Hahahaha. I kid, I kid.

Happy belated bday, K.Stew. You know you love loathe me. XOXO

robert pattinson and kristen stewart




  1. mara Said:

    a Pen? ew.

  2. Ashley Said:

    people!!! don’t appreciate their money :p

  3. Ashley Said:

    people don’t appreciate their money!! :p

  4. Ashley Said:

    Some people just don’t appreciate their money :p

  5. Laura Said:

    Those two are so pathetic honestly!
    She is the most no-charming celebrity and he just because is going out with her!

  6. Masale Rakgwale Said:

    Rob is such a fool. I pity him. I dnt think K would do that for him. She may even cheat on him coz she s good in that i hate her.

  7. Lisa Said:

    That is gross but hey it is their money so EW from me but I guess Kristen may like it so hey! Not our money
    Luv Ya

  8. Romulo Said:

    I could be more criative than that, Kristen.

  9. pataters Said:

    Reminds me of that scene in say anything of joh cusack. “I gave her (him) my heart and she (he) gave me a pen.” HAHA!

  10. Anne Said:

    Boring hobbie for a boring girl. It fits perfectly.

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