Robert Pattinson’s Kingly Role

You always knew that Robert Pattinson was a royal hottie, but the British hunk might make it official with his new role as King Arthur in the upcoming flick, Pendragon. Rob has yet to officially accept the part, but I hear he’s a lock for the Camelot remake. Tell me my dears, can you see R.Patz wielding a sword? Or is he far too delicate to square off against knights and wizards?

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  1. Rachellama Said:

    i could see him playin the part..
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  2. Milena Said:

    he did a movie like that, when he was really young.
    he was the kings brother, the prince. and at the end he becames king

  3. Milena Said:


  4. Ian Said:


  5. chels Said:

    I can’t see it. He is far too wimpy to play that role….. Besides king arthur is supposed to be a pretty boy?!?! With Rob playing the role that description isn’t even close. I’m a camelot mythology geek and love all things camelot but he would just ruin the role.

  6. Essie Said:

    a dream come true…. my knight in shining armour!!!

  7. Jenni Said:

    Oh please NO!

    Leave the Arthur playing to Bradley James (and other actors who can really act). I do not want to see a brooding King Arthur being ineffectual while other actors try and save the film from terrible reviews.

    It’d destroy the original myths worse than that awful film with Kira Knightly in (she’s usually great, it’s a shame).

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