LOLZ: The Internet Trolls Robin Thicke’s Twitter Q&A

When he’s not publicly (and desperately) trying to win estranged wife Paula Patton back, Robin Thicke spends some time connecting with his fans. For Robby’s sake, let’s hope his newest album, Paula, has better success than his #AskThicke Twitter efforts.

Promising a lively discourse with fans, Robin opened up an #AskThicke Q&A on Twitter Tuesday through VH1. Perhaps some of his fans had some in-depth questions about his newest album or choice to wear a Beetlejuice costume onstage, but they were drowned out by the haters. The hilarious, hilarious haters.

Check out some highlights.

To Robin’s credit, he answered some of the less scathing questions as contractually obligated promised. Nonetheless, this goes down as yet another strike in the column of everybody hates Thicke.

So what do you think, minions: did Robin Thicke get exactly what a misogynist cheater deserves? What would you #AskThicke (other than why on EARTH did you think this Twitter stunt was a good idea?)?

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