Watch the New Romeo & Juliet Movie Trailer Featuring Ed Westwick

ed westwick as tybaltBut, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Chuck Bass is the sun. (Or something like that…)

The new movie trailer for Romeo & Juliet has been released and Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick is all up in it being sexy angry with his long hair and gorgeous accent. Ed plays Tybalt, the hot-headed, loathesome Prince of Cats and cousin to Juliet (played by Taylor Swift’s BFF Hailee Steinfeld.)

Watch the video below to see him (in my opinion) steal the show:

Are you so excited to see this flick when it comes out later this year? Tell me in a comment below!

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  1. Marcie Said:

    I originally wasn’t upset hen Tybalt died in Romeo&Juliet, but seeing as how my dear Ed will be playing Tybalt I make somewhat of a scene at the theaters the day of the release!

  2. malvina Said:

    can’t wait for this movie! never thought a guy could look so hot in tights haha! go Ed!!

  3. Lyanna Said:

    Ed is so super hot!! Kind of disappointed of Julia, I always imagined her a bit prettier than this

  4. Ida Said:

    Is it even legal to be that hot???
    Im gonna stand up and scream when i watch him die,

  5. Nancy Said:

    LAME…The Leo and Claire Dane’s version was awesome with an awesome soundtrack. The only awesome part about this one is Ed Westwick. Might make myself go just in support of Ed. I heart you Chuck Bass!!

  6. ClemFstr Said:

    OMGGG hahahahaaa not Chuck’ Style at all… look at his hair ahaha but I even gonna love Rome&Juliet… aha

  7. Shhh... Said:

    I feel like this movie would be a much greater successs if Ed was playing the lead as Romeo because I’ve never seen or heard of the actors they chose to play Romeo and Juliet…

  8. Shabba Said:

    Ed Westwick! Ahhhh he is so hot. But I like Douglas Booth, there is something so boyish about him, and one thing I always felt while reading Romeo and Juliet was that Romeo was a boy trying hard to become a man. And Damian Lewis.

  9. melissa Said:

    Ooooh this movie is definitely going to be on my radar!!!

  10. Yasmina Said:

    OMG I just can’t wait !!! It shouldn’t be legal to be THAT hot !!

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