Hot Mess: Rumer Willis’ Pink Panties

Cut it out… no seriously. I’m well aware that cut-outs are trendy–I myself even have a few pieces in my walk-in closet that tease my tiny little waist. But Rumer Willis took the trend to a whole other (tres tacky) level…

My spies caught her at the Elle Women in Music celebration event last night wearing a black crop top and the “Isabella Square” skirt by Franziska Fox. The result was not only a tragedy of an outfit, but a total wardrobe fail. Her pink panties showed through one of those massive holes in her skirt as she posed in front of tons of photographers who captured her embarrassing moment on camera. Although as bad as the malfunction was, at least she had underwear on… #justsayin.

Rumer Willis ELLE’s 5th Annual Women in Music concert celebration


Tell me loves, do you think Rumer is headed down a path more desperate than her own mother’s? From the looks of this outfit, I’d say yes. XOXO


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  1. rima Said:

    Demi Moore may be a bit of a train wreck, but she is a beautiful one. It must be difficult to be the daughter of a beautiful woman and a lumpy man and end-up looking like the lumpy man. This skirt/outfit is desperation, which is never flattering.

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