Is Russell Brand Already Over Katy Perry?

If you thought Katy Perry would be the first to move on from her not-so-surprising split from Russell Brand…you were wrong, darlings. I hear that Rusty Rockets is already asking a new girl to move into his $1.5 million manse, and can’t stop slamming Katy to all their mutual friends!

Do you believe that Russ is already totes over K.Perr? Katy darling, when it comes to the divorce settlement, don’t get mad…get everything. XOXO.

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Photo credit: Splash News


  1. J Said:

    Russell & Katy have both said that the media is full of it. They’re still friends and they’ve only had amazing things to say to and about each other since the split. If he’s really moved on and that’s what makes him happy, I can only hope there’s equal happiness in store for Katy too!

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