Why Did Ryan Reynolds Get Booed at Cannes?

Well this makes even my cold heart sad… I hear that the adorable Ryan Reynolds had a rough time at the screening of his movie The Captive at the Cannes Film Festival. As you know he and his lovely wife Blake Lively have been receiving lots of praise and buzz for their red carpet looks while making their rounds at the fest, but the oohs and ahhs were replaced with harsh boos during the screening.

According to Variety, the film was a dud. And it turns out Ryan wasn’t in the mood to hear any more criticism. A spy said he and B skipped the after-party to nosh on a late-night snack instead. A source told Us Weekly, “[It] looked like Blake was trying to cheer him up a few times … she rubbed his arm like she was consoling him and kept whispering in his ear. At one point, Ryan smiled … and leaned into her for a kiss on the lips.”

Darling Ryan, sometimes you can’t win them all, but just remember that at the end of the day, you get to be married to Blake–which is the ultimate trophy. XOXO


Actors Blake Lively (L) and Ryan Reynolds

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images


Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds’ Cutest Moments

While promoting Green Lantern, the duo exuded a relaxed chemistry, even though each of 'em was involved with someone else in real life. Still, there was a niceness between them. Photo: Kevin Winter, Getty Images

They weren't dating yet —they were just co-stars. But at the 2010 Spike TV Awards, the sizzle was slightly detectable. Photo: Michael Caufield, Getty Images

While making promo rounds, there was such a relaxed, easy chemistry between the pair. It's a case of onscreen eventually spilling over to real life. Photo: Max Morse, Getty Images

Their appearance at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards made pulses quicken. They came out as a couple later that year. Photo: Kevin Winter, Getty Images

This was pre-officially dating, but look at how Reynolds had his arm around her waist and was pulling her close! #Swoon. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

At the 2014 Met Gala, Reynolds only had eyes for his wife amid all those celebs and all that couture. Photo: Mike Coppola, Getty Images

What a dashing pair! They were like American royalty here. Photo: Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

While at Cannes, Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds were a well-matched pair. Scarlett who? Leo who? Photo: Andreas Rentz, Getty Images

Clasping hands in couture. Their chemistry just crackles. Photo: Andreas Rentz, Getty Images

And baby makes three. Not only is Blake's baby bump well-dressed, look at the love between mom and dad. These two! Photo: Dimitrious Kambouris, Getty Images


  1. andra Said:

    Sorry(not sorry) but he is one of the worst actors i have ever seen.

  2. gigi Said:

    Watch Buried or most of most of his indie films.He’s an awesome actor.

    The film received mixed reviews and a scattering of boos from the notoriously cranky Cannes critics at a press screening (NOT the premiere), but Ryan’s performance was mostly praised.

    They skipped the Met Ball party, and now this one. Maybe they’d rather have dinner together before he starts filming again rather than press the flesh with a bunch of strangers. They did their part for the film on the red carpet.

  3. Héloïse SD Said:

    I actually was at the screening. It wasnt booed AT ALL. I heard it was booed a lot during the PRESS screening the morning, but at the actual premiere I was, and the actors attended, it wasnt booed. It wasnt clapped a very long time though. But when the lights turn on a lot of people standed up and clapped for the actors and the director. Ryan looked so proud and happy, and Blake looked so happy and proud of him. They were smiling, laughing, talking to eachother, touching arms but no kiss :)

  4. Héloïse SD Said:

    And i never liked Ryan Reynolds as an actor but he really impressed me in The Captive. Not the best performance ever of course, but for HIM, it was pretty good i think (even though I dont have a lot to compare with)

  5. kaela Said:

    for people who don’t like his acting you have to consider that a director can put a lot of restraint on you when you’re acting. Not only that but the part could just not be right and maybe he needs a new group reviewing scripts for him.

  6. Lora Lynch Said:

    Well, he is drop-dead gorgeous, and I hate to say it (jealous!) she is stunning and has a remarkable sense of fashion. It never occurred to me that he’s a bad actor, so I must not think he is one. Wishing them much happiness!

  7. debby Said:

    i like him,he has good movies and bad,they all have good and bad,

  8. Julio Said:

    If you think he’s a bad actor you must be crazy actors have so many restraints based on the director if you let him get into character the best way he feels he will open up and I think there is going to be a movie where he shows it

  9. Val Said:

    I’ll watch it. I love Ryan Reynolds.

  10. sweetness Said:

    That is what he gets for leaving Scarlett Johansson. Blake is a Blight.

  11. Yvonne E. Davidson Said:

    I was lucky enough to be on set with Ryan Reynolds and Atom Egoyan while filming THE CAPTIVES. Ryan is an amazing actor to watch. He is so intense. Kevin Duran was also amazing as “the bad guy”. I know what I like and these actors and Mr. Egoyan were consummate professionals! I was part of the “the couple” seen on screen! Can’t wait for it to come to theaters in Canada!

  12. Nay Said:

    Loved Ryan in the Proposal! He made the biggest mistake marrying this gold digger! SHE is the nobody and not that pretty her nose job didn’t help her any! Her name is only out there now because of him!Ryan needs to stop taking crappy roles just to make that 10,000$ for her! He really is worth so much more! Not getting any younger Ryan move on and get that family you want! All her new movies will flop worse then his are!

  13. Jo Said:

    Blake Lively looks horrendous in this picture!!!

  14. MzUndastood Said:

    LOVE me some Ryan Reynolds!! This is a situation where the men will say he is a hack, because he is SO adorable. I would watch him blow on paint to dry it!

  15. Melanie Jarrett Said:

    This movie was such in my lovely hometown of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and it was minus 25C, bitterly cold that time of year, yet Ryan and Blake were lovely and professional. I can’t imagine at an actual screening that people would boo with the actors and director standing right there, how rude, I am glad someone posted that it isn’t true because most of these BS stories are people trying to make a headline out of nothing. Ryan is another wonderful Canadian!

  16. Ang Said:

    Ryan won my heart in “Just Friends” years ago. I have watched him since then. He is a great Actor. He acts with his eyes. It reminds me of Harrison Ford. Ryan is doing just fine. At least he isn’t afraid to do different movies and take chances. I also love the fact that is kind, GREAT to look at and gets MARRIED for goodness sakes! Thumbs up for Ryan!

  17. Tempe Said:

    I agree with Ang. Ryan is an underestimated actor. The scripts aren’t always a succes, but he’s not the one to blame. I hope that with his upcoming movies (The voices, Women in Gold, etc…) the critics will finally see him for what he really is : a damn good actor.

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