Scene & Heard: Ryan Reynolds on Blake Lively’s Fashion Choices!

“I would never walk out of the house without her approval!”–Ryan Reynolds revealed that he is the smartest (and probably luckiest) man on Earth as he wisely consults wife Blake Lively on all of his fashion decisions.

Let’s take a peek at R.Rey’s latest look and tell me if B was smart to let her man out in public…or if little Miss Lively needs to have her eyes checked!

ryan reynolds


And, it’s golden! I’m loving Ryan’s preppy summer look at the premiere of Turbo. Is there anything you’d change if you were in Blake’s shoes, or do you like his look just the way it is? Tell me in a comment below!



  1. Sweets Said:

    I like his look just the way it is. He looks Good ;-)

  2. Alex Said:

    Maybe i would change the shoes

  3. C Said:

    This is stupid…

  4. Sam Said:

    Smokin’ hot.

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