Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 20 “Salon of the Dead” Recap

Chuck Bass and Diana Payne Salon of the Dead

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In Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 20 “Salon of the Dead” (original air date April 16, 2012) Blair and Dan are finally coming out as a couple and decide to host an event in Brooklyn modeled after Julian Tepper and Jenna Gribbon’s Oracle Club. But since there’s so much drama happening around their circle of friends, they decide to keep it to people outside of the core group. Before we go into what happens at the salon, let’s recap the aforementioned drama:

  • Rufus and Lily Get Into It – In the last episode, we left off where Rufus was staying in Brooklyn while Lily headed back to the Upper East Side. Lily apologizes for lying to Rufus (about releasing the assets back to Ivy if she moved out of the apartment) and he decides to move back to the UES. All is great until Lily answers the phone and finds out that Rufus has been paying for Ivy’s hotel room. The last time we see Rufus, his debit card gets rejected at a bar. Looks like Lily has cut off his funds. 
  • Lola Thinks Serena is Gossip Girl – Ever since Gossip Girl claimed that Lola would never live up to Serena’s It Girl status, GG hasn’t written about her. But Serena and Lola have a discussion right before Lola’s audition with a famous director and Gossip Girl sabotages Lola’s chance of ever having a shot when she posts something about the actress not caring about listening to directors. Her audition is cancelled and Lola swears Serena must have something to do with it. She tells Nate who dismisses it saying Serena was just as much a topic for Gossip Girl as the others. But Lola tells him she’s going to out Serena at the Salon (remember, none of them were invited but because of Lola, Nate, Chuck and Serena all show up!)
  • Chuck Finds Out Who His Real Mom Is – In Lola’s effort to out Serena as Gossip Girl, she films a conversation between Diana and S at Blair and Dan’s salon. While it goes straight to Gossip Girl’s site, Lola knows it’s too late when she hears Diana admitting to be Chuck’s real mom. Everyone at the party gets the notification, and of course Chuck is very upset. After all, Diana has pranced around his apartment in her underwear and has hooked up with his best friend and roommate. Shiver…

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  1. blairchucklove Said:

    OMFG! chuck finally found his real mom! but we all know that diana whas his mom so it’s not very shokking for us! refresh! the night when chuck and blair had that car accident! jack calls diana!!! so that was already strange!

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