Fashion Do: Sarah Hyland’s Ballerina Bun

The life of a jet-setter is never dull, darlings, especially this time of year when parties pop up at a moment’s notice. There isn’t always time for a full on blow out, but what’s a girl to do? Toss her locks up in a ratty ponytail or–gasp!–wear a hat?

Instead, take a cue from Sarah Hyland‘s coif at The Trevor Project gala in LA and opt for a high ballerina bun.

There are two keys to mastering this look, loves. One, keep the bun loose, especially if you have fine locks. If you twist the bun too tight, it’ll look like you came straight from the gym–not hot. Also, place the bun higher on your head than you would a ponytail. But if your strands are super thin, clip in a few hair extensions to beef up your bun. In this case, more is more, darlings.

The Modern Family starlet nails both these elements but alas turned up with dreaded tendrils falling about her face. Prevent this tacky look by spraying a brush with hairspray and lightly locking stray strands into place.

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