Hot Mess: Sarah Hyland’s Billboard Awards Ensemble

I use the term “ensemble” because that’s precisely what Modern Family star Sarah Hyland wore to the Billboard Music Awards: a two-piece business suit. Or at least, that’s what this jacket-and-skirt combo looked like to me:

sarah hyland Billboard Awards Red Carpet


Did SH get lost on the way to a country club luncheon and wander into this glam event by mistake? While other starlets were in their best gowns, Sarah chose this odd Emilio Pucci combo that, IMO, looked totally out of place. But even if the occasion had called for a weird suit-like style, I wouldn’t have liked Sarah’s: the sequins look cheap and the cut of the skirt is not at all flattering, nor is the center zipper. The entire outfit makes her look boxy and shapeless, and her mod comb-over doesn’t fit with the rest of the neo-preppy vibe. But, killer shoes, Sar.

Do you like that she didn’t opt for a dashing dress like every other starlet? Or do you agree with me that the golden rule of fashion is to always¬†obey the dress code?

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  1. Abby Parsons Said:

    OBEY THE DRESS CODE SARAH . The outfit would be cute if she is going
    For a job interview maybe . But a dress is what she should
    Have went for . But right cute shoes ;)

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