Love or Loathe: Sarah Hyland at the Vampire Academy Premiere

Sarah Hyland is in Australia to film a Modern Family vacay special, but did here sense of style go down under too? I spied her at the Vampire Academy premiere looking, at first glance, sort of fine, but the more I look at this outfit the worse it gets:

'sarah hyland Vampire Academy' Sydney premiere


Let’s start at the top and work our way down this misfire, shall we? Her Temperley London dress is almost cute, but an inch or two off the hem would’ve made it nail the mod look it’s going for. As it is, it makes her look shapeless since it fails to show off her slender legs, which is the whole point of a dress this shape.

I could’ve perhaps overlooked the dress had she paired it all with some fab accessories, but I hate the clutch, hate the cheap-looking shoes, and someone please get her a pedi, n’est ce pas?

But do you actually like the entire look as it is? Am I being overly critical, minions? Not that I ever am…but I suppose there’s a first time for everything…XOXO.

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