Love or Loathe: Scarlett Johansson’s Pearl Necklace

The last few decades of fashion have been dominated by an insatiable need for bling, bling and more bling. Gone are the days of an understated cameo or a string of pearls–or are they?

I spied Scarlett Johansson promoting her new movie Don Jon at the Toronto Film Fest in an LBD accessorized with a simple strand of pearls.

scarlett johansson


Pearls are ladylike, timeless and subtle–not exactly what I’d expect to see on the red carpet, where the girl who garners the most flashbulbs wins. But I do like that ScarJo is trying to bring this Upper East Side staple back into fashion. Will it work, is the only question.

Do you like pearls instead of a flashy statement necklace or drippy diamonds? Or are they much too understated for anything other than tea with Grandma?

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  1. pris Said:

    I like it ! It’s elegant, and never out of time. Plus, it looks less cheap than a flashy statement necklace, whatever the price/quality of it!

  2. LP Said:

    She looks great! Super elegant and classy. I like that she was minimalistic with her accessories so the focus could be on her engagement ring

  3. dan Said:

    I thought maybe it was a different kind of pearl necklace.

  4. Emily Michelle Said:

    Timeless and classy

  5. Holly Said:

    I think she looks incredibly nice in the string of pearls. They go well with her hair and outfit, as well as complimenting her over all. Scarlet Johansson really can pull off the pearls. They’re never out of fashion and she wears them well.

  6. HCR Said:

    I like pearls, hers just look a bit to short, she needs another inch.

  7. MX Said:

    I like pearls, they are very elegant. Maybe she should have used a necklace a little bit longer. but she looks great

  8. Karen Said:

    What is up with her make-up????

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