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“I don’t brush my teeth. I just use Listerine—and sometimes I’ll use my sweater.” Jessica Simpson on her TMI dental hygiene habits.


  1. Melon Said:

    She probably has people brush her teeth for her! LOL

  2. candy Said:

    I think that’s really unsanitary I mean come on ur a celebrity and you don’t brush ur teeth then u say it in public one word eeewwwwwwwwwwwww

  3. Dj Diamond Said:

    She should fired her publicist.

  4. shayshay Said:

    Then she must be visiting her dentist to bleach her teeth every two months, becuase there’s no way in hell her teeth can stay that bleach white all the time if she doesnt brush.
    next thing you know she’s going to say she doesnt wash her hair, and just uses dry shampoo all the time.

  5. HoneyBee Said:

    OMG sorry but i think she looks like a rabbit on this photo and it’s like she says that her nose is genuine !

  6. Blair Said:

    She doesn’t brush her teeth that’s so discussing! Now young girls won’t brush they teeth to! She is a celeb and very popular so she must be an example

  7. Serena Said:

    Well, i just hope she does’nt run around naked

  8. Nati Said:

    Ewww,how disgusting can this be?
    Plus,I don’t think it’s true…her teeth can’t be THIS white without brushing.

  9. alyssa Said:

    this can`t be true. jessica simpson is like an angel.

  10. Katy Said:

    That’s just … ew.
    Definitely a rolle model.

  11. Anna Said:

    that is disgusting…but you never know….. it might not be true ……. but if it is……………… EW!!

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  15. H Said:

    Irgs, thats awful

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