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“I have to be careful to not lose who I am or the Miley Cyrus factor, by going to do other characters. But I want to extend my audience. I want to give myself new challenges and not just be the same person, over and over.” Miley Cyrus, on why she’s hanging up her Hannah Montana wig.


  1. Nati Said:

    I mean,she couldn’t be more right.If she doesn’t start working on other projects,serious ones,she’ll be forever Hannah Montana (if she’s not,already) and will never be taken seriously.

  2. alyssa Said:

    i dont really like her, no offense, plus all the piercings and tattoos and nude pics going on, i know she`s trying hard to change her hannah montana image, but she`s acting too desperately. i like her voice, and okay, so she can act. but whats the big deal?

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  4. lauren Said:

    We can only hope she will finally fall off of the map. A few catchy songs and a Disney show popular with seven to twelve year olds. Big freaking deal, she’s an untalented nasty stick figure with less brains than a slug and she is given way too much credit as an artist.

  5. babygal Said:

    I feel she is doing the right thing!!

  6. babygal Said:

    I feel she is doing the right thing!!
    She can’t keep on being someone she is not!!!
    Good job mileyy!!!

  7. christy Said:

    I just realized she has a nose piercing o_O .

  8. Maddie Said:

    Hannah Montana will forever hold a spot inside my soul. I started watching it when I was twelve and just watched the season finale. I’m seriously going to miss it (thank goodness for reruns!) and I love the soundtracks. I completely understand where she’s coming from — I just received my own breakout role and… I have to think about what makes sense, you know, as I move forward. At seventeen, Miley has already done SO much. She’s skilled, and she’s set, pretty much for the rest of her life as far as her acting career goes. I totally get it.

  9. Katy Said:

    Bye Hannah, Hello Miley.
    Now I like it.
    Go for it, Miley.

  10. Nati Said:

    OMFG,she has a nose piercing *OOO*
    It looks so good on her,I haven’t seen it before !

    I really think that she is a skilled girl,she can act well enough (no THE best actress ever,but I seriously think that she is good and,in time,she’ll become even more skilled in this area) and her voice is beautiful.
    The only problem were her Hannah Montana’s songs and some other stuffs.Now that she’s going into a different direction,I feel like she’s going to work…her songs are a lot more matured and,taking roles into serious movies will get her to be taken seriously as an actress.
    Good luck to ya,doll,you are gaining my respect =D

  11. Grace Said:

    you will always be Hannah Banana acept it

  12. Sari Said:

    I understand Miley 3 season Hannah montana are to much.she is MIley and not Hannah.A actor needs new rools!

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