Scene & Heard: Betty White Blasts Lindsay Lohan

“I cannot stand the people who get wonderful starts in show business, and who abuse it. Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, for example. They party too much, don’t learn their lines, are unprofessional and they grumble about everything. I think they are terribly ungrateful.”Betty White, advising Hollywood’s troubled stars to have a little less attitude, a little more gratitude. Will LiLo still be relevant when she’s Betty’s age? Will she even make it to Betty’s age?

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  1. alex Said:

    thats not true ll is not like that

  2. laura Said:

    Yes it is true. But sadly that’s what happens most of the time when one reaches fame.
    Some famous people know how to hide their crazy life but it all comes out sooner or later.
    Im not against their “partying” or judging them
    cuz no body is perfect. Except that when you’re someone important in tv people are always looking
    At shit you do.

  3. Bekka Said:

    Go Betty!!! This is incredible true. Lindsay is a total mess. I used to look up to her, now I wouldn’t turn to her to make my bed in the morning… It’s really sad that people encourage their crazy, unhealthy habits. Charlie Sheen really needs professional guidance and Lindsay needs to get out of the spotlight immediately before they completely destroy their lives!

  4. Lou Said:

    I say Yea to both questions. She’ll probably end up OD-ing one night anyway. Not that her shortened career would be much of a loss to Hollywood; she can’t act, and she has no style. As long as Hollywood has its Nina Dobrevs, its Emma Watsons, Dakota Fanning and a few other supremely talented actresses, I hope to be spared from seeing LL on the silver screen… or any screen for that matter.

  5. Keightee Said:

    Preach, Betty!

  6. angela r Said:

    yeah she is so ungrateful. its so hard to make it in hollywood, and if i had the opportunity she did, i wouldnt waste it on drugs and partying!!! what a shame that THIS is all little girls have to look up to nowadays. i used to like her when i was younger, now not anymore. whats worse is, its as if she thinks its “cool” to do drugs, go to jail and party hard… just loving that paparazzi attention huh?

  7. Amanda Said:

    If she keeps partying like that I doubt she will make it to Betty’s age. Stars start out too young and start to abuse the power and parties. They start out as good role models but then problems start to take over, because they never got to experience a full childhood, or never got to really “Grow-up” and it’s sad that it happens.

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