Scene & Heard: Britney & Demi on X Factor

“Demi is a brat. But there’s something likeable about her. Britney’s quite mean, as you’ll discover.”--Simon Cowell dishes on what to expect from Demi Lovato and Britney Spears who are judges on the upcoming season of X Factor, a show I never even considered watching…but since bratty and mean are two of my favorite things, perhaps I’ll squeeze them in.

Which pop star are you betting on to be the most awful on camera?

demi lovato britney spears




  1. _nicolestyles_ Said:

    love demi!

  2. ggada Said:

    I think that Brit looks old and like she is a bad mother and a brat so I do not know why Demi is compered to her♥ggada♥♥

  3. deex3 Said:

    Britney is such a strong women and MOTHER, they both look beautiful .

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