Scene & Heard: Taylor Swift’s Romance Rule

“Relationships are like traffic lights. And I just have this theory that I can only exist in a relationship if it’s a green light.”Taylor Swift explains her approach to dating in Wonderland magazine…but to me this approach makes no sense. Is she trying to say that she never sticks with a relationship past its expiration date, desperately trying to make it work?

taylor swift


If that were true darlings, she wouldn’t be a star, now would she?


  1. Leoby Said:

    I don’t think she knows at all what she’s doing, and how she manages her dating life.

  2. Megan Said:

    Her dating life is no different from anyone at that age. Most people that young don’t know what they want out of a guy, especially when they have been put in the spot light as much as she is. Young girls need to know themselves before they can be themselves and in a successful relationship. Listen to 22, that describes nearly every young girl at that age. I think people need to lighten up and let her be.

  3. Chase Said:

    this no make sense! ANY!

  4. Kayla Said:

    People should give her a break. I mean, her dating life is the way most girls her age are like. The only difference is that everything she does is being exposed to the media. And just because she is seen with or she is dating someone, doesn’t mean he’s actually her boyfriend. If they go on one date, it doesn’t mean they’re actually girfriend and boyfriend.

  5. blehh Said:

    I think she is dumb like honestly she goes out with every guy that gives her attention then when they break she writes about them honestly girl give up I don’t think your meant to be happy ! I’m younger than her & I haven’t been with that many guys like her. I have been with the same boy for 2 years. Give up is my advice.

  6. Mann Said:

    Wtf I think taylor should lay of guys for a while and if you think she should not you are so dumb

    Please stop hurting boys Taylor

  7. Erin Said:

    The only life lesson TS can own is this; don’t date as many guys as she has and expect not to be ridiculed. Besides who compares a romantic relationship to an inanimate object (uneducated much)!

  8. Louisa Fischer Said:

    she should just not talk at all anymore. clearly there does not come anything intelligent or useful out of that ugly mouth of hers.

  9. Becky Said:

    Just because she writes a song about it.. doesn’t mean she experienced it herself… As a song writer myself, I’ve written songs from the perspective of other people and about other people’s experiences from my own perspective.

  10. Daphne Said:

    If she’s referring to the traffic light as a metaphor to the amount of freedom she has [in her relationship] to be herself, it actually makes sense to me. I can sure relate to that. x

  11. Alicia Said:

    everyone of you just needs to shut the fuck up !

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