Steal The Style: Gossip Girl’s School Uniform Flasback

Have to wear a school uniform this year? Want to stand out and make it your own? We dug up some of our favorite looks on Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, and Jenny Humphrey back in their days at Constance Billard.

To get the ideas for their looks, costume designer Eric Daman studied how Upper East Side private school girls “tricked out” their uniforms with accessories like bags, shoes, tights, etc. What he came up with some of the most iconic fashion looks on TV.

Here’s your back-to-school shopping guide for accessorizing school uniforms, inspired by Gossip Girl:

  • Cute headbands
  • Colorful tights
  • A statement bag
  • Hats (for bad hair days and when you’re feeling funky)
  • Fun necklaces and bracelets
  • Knee-high socks
  • Stylish shoes

Check out some of the best looks on Blair, Serena and Jenny below:

The Classic School Girl Look

Channel Blair Waldorf by sporting a headband and knee high socks for this classic preppy look.

Add Pops of Color

Blair made her school uniform her own by adding a yellow trench coat and red tights to bring the focus from the same old, same old uniform back to her style.

Loosen Up

Simple, yet so sexy! Serena van der Woodsen loosened her tie to create laid back and cool look with her uniform.

Classy and Cozy

Serena looked fancy on the top by adding a sparkly cardigan and looked rugged on the bottom by sporting brown suede and leather boots.

Brighten Things Up

Jenny Humphrey accessorized her uniform with a colorful frilly blouse, tights, fun socks, red heels, and a purple statement bag.

Hats Off to This Cute Look

Having a bad hair day or just want a different accessory to play with? Grab a cute hat to go with your school uniform like Jenny did.

How do you accessorize your uniform? Tell us in a comment below!


  1. GossipGirl85 Said:

    I don’t have a school uniform… and it’s a good job! I like my style being normal, but special in it’s own way. All ways wearing something more, but that’s not too noticed. Basically, from 5th grade to 7th grade, nobody’s taken any notice of me, but this year i want it to change! This year it’s my year too rule the school! But tell me, how would you change to being the normal girl to being the most popular girl in school? What would you wear for the perfect outfit for the perfect first day?

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