WTF Alert: Scott Disick Takes a Bath…with Khloé Kardashian

I just don’t know how Kourtney Kardashian stays with Scott Disick. The self-proclaimed “Lord” of whatever manor they’re keeping up with these days is always out partying and flirting with other women, recently had to be rushed to the hospital to deal with some unfortunate alcohol poisoning in the Hamptons (despite his umpteenth promise to stop drinking), and just this weekend took a picture in a bubble bath with none other than basically-sister-in-law Khloé Kardashian.

Wait…what was that last one?

For seemingly no other reason than being overcome by the boredom of “existing on television” as a job, Scott Disick and Khloé Kardashian drew up a bubble bath, hopped in it together and (of course) Instagrammed the whole ordeal. Khloé wore a red Lifeguard tank top, while Scott opted for the even goofier lifejacket. Naturally, Khloé posted the sudsy pic, captioning it, “Lifeguard on duty! #SurfBoardSurfBoard #PrivatePartySwim #TheLord #TheLady” (to which Scott replied, posting “The Lord and his lady! @khloekardashian thanks for saving me, #hardtimesinthetub”).

I get it, dolls: They’re clearly not naked, and Scott is just messing around with Kourtney’s more fun younger sister. But I have a few major problems with this photo anyway. First of all: these two always seem to be having much more fun together than Scott does with the boring responsible Kourtney. Second: the presence of the microphone on the tub leads me to believe that an annoying video will exist out of this, like these people need to be filmed anymore. Third: eye spy some booze on that tub, which is a little insensitive toward the struggling-to-be-sober Lord. Finally: is that a BlackBerry? Seriously who uses a BlackBerry anymore?

David Becker/Getty Images

I don’t know what you think, dolls, but I think it’s time for Lord and Lady Bubbles to start acting a bit more sophisticated. Sure, they’re not originally Upper East Siders, but they spend far too much time in New York and the Hamptons to exhibit this sort of behavior without potentially giving my haunts a bad name. XOXO

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