Scout Willis Roams Streets on NYC Topless

No matter where you are in New York City, it’s quite common to see something out of the ordinary. Why, just yesterday there was a man walking around with a cat on his head, a classical violinist playing “Happy” on a street corner, and a topless Scout Willis picking out flowers at a bodega. Just a typical afternoon I suppose….

scout willis

@Scout_Willis Twitter

Scout, who is only famous for her celeb parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, sparked quite the buzz when she decided to #FreeTheNipple in protest of Instagram’s nudity policy which has resulted in both her and Rihanna‘s racy pictures being deleted.

The 22-year-old took to Twitter, posting a couple of pics of herself running errands while topless, captioning them, “Legal in NYC but not on @instagram.” (That’s right, non-Upper East Siders, it’s totally legal for women to show their lady bits in my city, not that I’d ever do it–I have way too many beautiful designer blouses, plus no thanks…)

Anyway, do you think Scout’s “cause” is a little silly, or do you agree with her that women have every right to be as shirtless on social media as guys do?


  1. jsmtih Said:

    Sorry, its disgusting and classless. Have some respect for yourself and for people around you. Put a shirt on! You have to be really desperate for attention if you seriously want everyone to see you half naked who isnt a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse. She needs a life.

  2. Staci Said:

    Walking around naked, even if its “for a cause” its tasteless.

  3. brenda Said:

    No, you are wrong @jsmtih she has so much confidence and is standing up for all women and for equality, obviously not all women want to do this but good for her, she’s taking a stand for our rights and true equality. So I think that you need to broaden your horizons and get with the times.

  4. Liv Said:

    So it’s disgusting when a woman is topless, but totally ok for a man to walk around half naked? Who designates what is appropriate to be seen, and what should be covered up? Your attitude is not your own, you are mindlessly following what society tells you is ‘allowed’. The fact that it is legal for women to be topless in NY is part of a stance on gender equality and an attempt to desexualise certain parts of the body (female nipple vs male nipple).

  5. elisa Said:

    Its fucking ridiculous! There are way better causes out there to be passionate about than what the fuck instagram allows you to post or not! Stupid blond idiot!

  6. Giulia Said:

    It is a cause worth fighting for, if everybody had her nerve and courage to fight for something they want, we would live in a better world. Congrats to Scout!

  7. Nicole Said:

    She couldve protested in a different way. This is just classless, sorry :/


  8. Rhian Said:

    So because men find women’s breast sexual we have to cover them up? Remember that the only reason women cover up is because we have been subjected to inequality, now I don’t want to get my breast out in public cause quite frankly I like in England and it’s chilli. However a woman should be able to do the EXACT same as a male. I love how many women, famous and not are opening there eyes and realising, women can do as they please! Not dominated by men! Feminism is on the rise, well done ladies!

  9. ed Said:

    She is one ugly women .

  10. Sashieee Said:

    HAHAHA really. The same chicks who are all “equality” when it comes to nudity blah blah blah, are the same women who “don’t want to be looked at like they’re a piece of meat”.

  11. lynz Said:

    what she had breasts esposed there was so small i had to look good to see lol

  12. Ana Said:

    @sashieee what the f is wrong with you? No one,no matter what they do, don’t deserve to be looked at like they are a piece of meat,if a woman is naked to please men it’s all wright but if she is naked as an act of protest she is a piece of meat. You disgust me!

  13. al fox Said:


  14. Lu Said:

    I’m sorry, but why does everybody deem this as “classless”? Do you not understand the fundamental construct of feminism?? Let me break it down for you: EQUALITY. We as women should be supporting this, whether or not it’s personally considered sexy or icky.

  15. TC Said:

    Obviously, She is unattractive, and desperate for attention. If females don’t get that their breasts (in most cases) are considered ‘sexy’, they are Stupid!

  16. Max Said:

    I don’t see the big deal about her being topless, though it is not my taste. My only problem is that Instagram is a private company and thus has a right to institute whatever rules they feel are necessary. I’m sure there are many other sites she can use, making this protest rather silly.

  17. nonono Said:

    Considering the number of women that are abused on social media because they were stripped, raped and filmed…this is an insult to getting them justice. Considering the number of women that have had sexts posted by angry exes on social media this is an insult to getting them justice. Making a no nudity policy makes it illegal to post rapes and sexts by default. Get it! They don’t want the issues that facebook has had with sex abuse. Congrats feminists. You shot yourselves in the foot again.

  18. Papacool Said:

    Did you see the size of her hands? Wow she could palm a basketball. Hopefully she has skills. Her protest may be debated but she stood up for what she thought was right. As far as I am concerned she has ample assets and has nothing to be ashamed of. Going back to the hands, she should consider being a hand model on the Price is Right or go commercial.

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