Episode Fan Favorite: “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?”

o brother where bart thou

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We’re counting down the days until the Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere on October 8 at 9/8c by featuring some fan-picked favorite episodes every day until the premiere. There are only 5 more days left! And today, we’re looking at Facebook fan Hadas B.’s favorite episode:

Season 2, Episode 13: “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?”

“It shows how much Serena and Dan love each other, and Chuck’s acting in the funeral is just amazing!” – Hadas B.

Bart Bass has been in a terrible accident. While Lily is making preparations for his funeral, Eleanor Waldorf and her fiance Cyrus Rose are planning their wedding. Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) is laying low, not even talking to Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester).

Lily and Rufus take a walk and she admits that she feels really guilty about wanting to end her marriage with Bart before he died. But then, Lily listens to a voice mail she hadn’t played yet, and it’s of Bart before the accident saying that he knows she’s going back to Rufus and he knows why she was institutionalized years ago.

Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) is at the funeral, and Chuck, who shows up late, demands to know why he is there. Chuck blames Dan’s dad Rufus for Bart’s death. Lily steps in and tells Chuck he needs to be with his family right now. Chuck is so upset, he says that he has no family. After the funeral, Chuck looks for Bart’s will and he and Lily fight again. The time she slaps him, but apologizes. He goes to leave but everyone is trying to talk him into staying. Even Blair begs him to stay, telling him she loves him. “That’s too bad,” he replies.

Bart’s P.I., who got the dirt on Lily’s past, calls CeCe and wants her to pay him off from selling the juicy story to someone else. But she decides that maybe now is a good time to come clean about the whole situation.

Meanwhile, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) is invited to Buenos Aires by a guy she’s dating, Aaron, and she asks Dan what to do because there’s definitely something going on between Dan and her. Dan basically tells her it’s her decision. But then he decides she shouldn’t go with him and plans to tell her at Eleanor’s wedding. He begs her not to go but she says she’s still going.

Since CeCe didn’t pay off the P.I., Chuck ends up with the scoop on Lily’s past but he decides not to go public with it. But, we find out what the secret is anyway because CeCe tells Rufus. Apparently Lily and Rufus made a baby back in the day and she kept it from him the whole time.

Chuck finally lets Blair console him. But then she wakes up to find a note in his place that says, “I’m sorry for everything. You deserve much better. Don’t come looking for me. –Chuck.”

Check out the promo from the episode below! What was your favorite part of “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?” Tell us in a comment. And check back every day until October 8 for a new featured episode!

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