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valley girls

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We’re counting down the days until the Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere on October 8 at 9/8c by featuring some fan-picked favorite episodes every day until the premiere. There are only 4 more days left! And today, we’re looking at Facebook fan Lorella T.’s favorite episode:

Season 2, Episode 24: “Valley Girls”

“Seeing how Lily was like when she was Serena’s age was a lot of fun!” – Lorella T.

Lily (Kelly Rutherford) is thinking back to when she was a teenager and got expelled from private school. This flashback is happening as she’s going to bail her daughter Serena (Blake Lively) — who she had arrested — out of jail. Lily keeps flashing back to the 80s. She remembers a lunch she had with CeCe and her father after she got expelled. There, she asked to live with him, but he said he was too busy with work. CeCe tells Lily to follow her to New York, but instead she drives in the other direction.

In the present day, Lily confronts CeCe about telling Rufus about their lovechild. She tells her to leave and never come back.

It’s Prom time, and Dan (Penn Badgley) and Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) decide to stay in and watch scary movies instead. Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and Serena talk on the phone (because S is still in jail) about prom. Dorota comes in and tells Blair that the dry cleaner ruined her first dress, but she has a replacement. Blair looks at it and sees it’s just like the one in her scrapbook. She has a feeling it’s from her dad in Paris.

Meanwhile Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) is telling Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) all of the bad things that are happening with his plans for prom with Blair. The corsage, the hotel, the limo… everything’s a mess. Nate asks Chuck if he’s sabotaging it, but Chuck says no.

Dan finds out Serena is still in jail, so he has Jenny make her a dress and then bails her out in time for the Prom. Blair and Nate show up at the dance and vote for themselves for prom queen and king because she wants the tiara. But Chuck overhears some of the girls plotting to rig the votes so that Nelly beats Blair. He takes out the rigged votes and Blair catches him, accusing him of sabotaging her prom. But she and Nate win. Chuck tells Dan and Serena that he was only taking the rigged ballots out of the box and that the lost corsage was only because the dress he bought her looked better without one. Then he gives Serena the key to the penthouse at the Plaza and asks her to give it to Blair. Turns out Chuck just wanted to make Blair’s Prom the fairytale she created in her scrapbook.

Throughout the whole episode, Lily is flashing back to the time she got arrested and put in jail when she was Serena’s age. She thinks back to how her mom felt back then, and realizes it was all because she loved her — just like she does Serena. So in the present day, she finds CeCe and tells her that she loves her and they make up.

After the Prom, Blair tells Serena she broke up with Nate. The two reminisce about high school and Gossip Girl comes on to say: “Shoulder pads may come and go, but BFFs are forever.”

Check out a clip from the episode below! What was your favorite part of “Valley Girls?” Tell us in a comment. And check back every day until October 8 for a new featured episode!

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