Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 11 “The End of The Affair” Recap

Blair Waldorf in a wedding dress

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The previous episode left us with more cliffhangers than we could bear with the main drama being Chuck and Blair’s car accident. We were unsure if Chuck would survive and if Blair was still pregnant with a baby that Chuck offered to help raise. Not only that, but Serena and Nate expressed their determination to end Gossip Girl’s reign for good.

Here are some of the big moments from “The End of the Affair”:

  • After the Crash - We return the night before New Year’s Eve to find Chuck is alive and Blair has lost her baby. Meanwhile, Gossip Girl’s website has been shut down.
  • Blair Chooses Louis - Because of the car crash, Blair has decided that the accident is a sign that she should not be with Chuck. Blair reveals to Chuck that she can never be with him, even though she loves him. However, she doesn’t explain to Chuck her real reasoning for leaving him.
  • Lily and Rufus miss Ivy/Charlie - So much so that Lily hires a private detective to try and find Ivy/Charlie.The detective finds a Charlotte Rhodes but it isn’t the “Charlie” that Lily and Rufus were looking for. Little do they know, the detective found Carol’s daughter, the real Charlotte Rhodes!
  • Dan and Blair Cozy Up - Dan is working on a new book while spending time with Blair. The two have developed a close friendship. However, Chuck is convinced that Dan and Blair are having a secret affair because of some questionable photos. Louis tries to post the photos to Serena’s blog but is stopped by Nate. To dispel the rumors, Serena and Dan pretend to date.
  • Vera Wang Makes a Cameo - The designer appears as herself at Blair’s wedding dress fitting.
  • Nate Finds Out The Accident Wasn’t Meant for Chair - After some investigating, Nate discovers the car crash was actually meant for him!

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