Gossip Girl Video: Sneak Peek at “Raiders of The Lost Art”

Chuck Bass - Raiders of The Lost ArtGossip Girl returns on Monday, April 30 with an all new episode, in which Chuck and Nate set out to find Jack Bass (who Chuck thinks might be his biological father). With secrets about his lineage floating about and questions about his birth parents still left unanswered, Chuck needs a professional to get to the bottom of all the drama and mystery. So which glamorous Upper East Side sleuth does he turn to for assistance in his baby daddy investigation? Waldorf…Blair Waldorf.

Watch a scene from “Raiders of the Lost Art” below for a glimpse at how Chuck arrives at the decision to invite Queen B onto his scheme team!

Check out the humorous conversation between Chuck and Nate!

Chuck: The only way to get the truth is to find him [Jack]
Nate: Yea, well, unless you want to watch A Beautiful Mind again, we’re going to need to hire a professional — you know someone from the military or a serial killer. It takes a special level of crazy to go that far to hide your secrets.
Chuck: I’ll be back in a bit.

What do you think is going to happen with Blair and Chuck teaming up for old times sake on Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 22? Leave a comment and let us know!



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