Episode Fan Favorite: “The Return of the Ring”

The Return of the Ring Blair Waldorf Chuck BassWe’re counting down the days until the Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere on October 8 at 9/8c by featuring some fan-picked favorite episodes every day until the premiere. There is only 1 more day left! And today, we’re looking at Facebook fan Satinmarie L.’s favorite episode:

Season 5, Episode 24: “The Return of the Ring”

“The last episode in the season before this one where Blair went back for Chuck at the casino is my all time fave because it shows the true meaning and characteristics of love, that true love fights for what it wants and is hard to die plus it never gives up. And that reminds me of me and my ‘Chuck.’ It made me go back and fight.” – Satinmarie L.

The season 5 finale of Gossip Girl, aka, “The Return of the Ring” brought the much anticipated decision of Blair Waldorf finally choosing between Chuck Bass and Dan Humphrey. Let’s take a look at everything that happened:

In the last episode, Gossip Girl sends a blast of Blair’s diary entry that she got from Serena’s laptop when she was being GG. Now, Gossip Girl is sending them out one by one, hurting everyone in Blair’s life. Blair is furious at Serena but tries to do damage control by going through her diaries and figuring out how to spin everything to make it better.

Meanwhile Serena emails Gossip Girl and tells her she’ll do anything to make it stop. Serena then gets a call from Dan and immediately apologizes about the blasts. Dan doesn’t know what she’s talking about because Blair stole his phone. But now he knows and is upset. He tells B that he needs to know where she stands and she has to tell him that night if she wants to be with him.

A blast goes out with one of Blair’s negative diary entries about Chuck. She’s furious and sends Gossip Girl some scoop on Serena that ultimately gets her fired from her current gig. The girls have words and then Blair kicks Serena out of the apartment. Serena is determined to get back at Blair so she hires one of her minions to help her with her plan to seduce Dan at the Shepherd’s divorce party later that night.

As all of this is happening, Bart Bass is easing back into life in New York. Rufus goes to Bart with annulment papers and asks him to sign them for Lily. Bart does, but Lily finds out Rufus was behind it and ultimately decides to annul her marriage with Rufus.

Bass Industries holds a press conference to announce that Bart is back in the family business. But while he’s talking he basically says he’s the only person running the company now, leaving Chuck to feel that everything he’s worked for has been taken away. Right then, Blair walks in – that’s right, she chose Chuck over Dan – and sees this happen. Chuck and Bart go outside and talk about this, and Bart tells him he’s too obsessed with Blair to run a successful company. Earlier in the show, Bart gave Chuck the engagement ring he bought for B and then left outside of Harry Winston. Apparently it was a test to see if Chuck was over Blair or not. And unfortunately he failed.

Blair and Chuck talk later and she says she’s being honest with him and she wants to be with him. But he’s all mad because of what Bart said. So he basically brushes her off.

Back at the Shepherd divorce party, Serena and Dan are hooking up in a scene that is eerily similar to the one of Nate and Serena at the Shepherd wedding in the first episode of the show. When they’re done, Dan sees that her phone is filming the whole thing and that she was plotting to do this the whole time to hurt Blair. Dan is furious at her, as he should be.

Later, we see Serena on a train leaving New York City. Next to her there is a guy offering her drugs. Looks like S is reverting back to her old self.

Another plot that seems to be thickening is finding out who the real Gossip Girl is. Diana sends Nate surveillance camera footage from the night GG stole Serena’s computer. All we can see is a person walking around in a hoodie.

Also, Lola gets her inheritance from CeCe’s will, but gives it to Ivy. In exchange? Ivy is going to take Lily down.

And finally, Blair goes to Paris with her mom who wants to have B work for her company. Eleanor asks her if there are any loose ends she needs to tie up and Blair says, “Nothing’s holding me back anymore. I know what I want and I’m going to get it.” Then we see Chuck playing poker at a casino and Blair sits down next to him saying that she’s all in (for her relationship with him, that is.) Season 6 should be very interesting!


  1. Khalil Said:

    Just Serena and Dan. He was all the time with her when she need him but now he’s selfish he look after what he want he don’t care if he hurt her or any body else and she just all of that because she love him he have to admit that but his love for Blair make him blind I think that if the end was Dan and Serena Chuck and Blair can be better that’s what I’m thinking…

  2. LenaBlak Said:

    When will season 6 air?!?! I cannot wait!

  3. Emmagossip Said:

    Blair always take the best decisions :D

  4. esLGG Said:

    finally blair makes the right decision!!! but seems like dan is going to take the bad way!! and also serena! why does she goes to her old ways? oke she did had seks with dan to hurt blair, but is funny that happend at the shepperds divorce party!! because at the shepperds wedding serena and nate had seks 6 years ago! but she did one bad thing doesn’t mean that she must go to her bad ways!!

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