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Gossip Girl Season 6 DVD

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What was your favorite Season 6 episode? Tell us in a comment below!


  1. Lexi henkel Said:

    My favorite part of season six was when blair and chuck finally get to be able to be together. I’ve waited ever since season 1 for them to finally admit that they’re in love with each other. Knowing they’re together now makes me happy and I don know even know why. Their relationship gives me hope

  2. Farhana Akhter Said:

    Typically when Chuck and Blair got married. Like FINALLY! In awe of her Elie Saab dress and how Chuck’s suit matched it. Ultimate couple! He manned up and took her to a fabulous location to get married instead of the tacky registrations place. How all the main characters where there to share their nuptials, I felt like I shared it with them!

  3. Jessica Nielsen Said:

    I loved where Chuck and Blair get married. He loved her that much to give her a small ceremony albeit it wasnt what it couldve been. Plus her Elie Saab dress was to die for! Just an overall great episode that showed how everlasting their love was.

  4. Nathan Bennett Said:

    My favourite episodes in GG season 6 was when Blair Waldorf and Louis Granaldy got married and she tried to leave the country to get a divorce and when I found out that Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl

  5. Raeanne Said:

    I love Gossip Girl! My favorite show ever..my favorite episode was when the group all went to California to get Serena, they thought they were interrupting her wedding! It was hilarious

  6. Madelyn Jantsch Said:

    The best episode of Season 6 is obviously the finale #10 – New York, I Love You XOXO. Everything turned out absolutely perfect, except Serena and Dan. Yuck! Never wanted them to end up together – but I suppose the darling Henry made up for it! Chuck and Blair Forever!

  7. Virgínia Furtado Said:

    amei a parte da blair e do chuck que finalmente ficaram juntos…… eles são o máximo juntos, pq separados eles não são fortes….. agora juntos são imbatíveis…..


    my favourite moment was when serena married dan with that gorgeous dress in the last episode! it was absolutely perfect because i couldn’t thought they would end up together!!!


    My favorite parts of season six were: when Blair and Chuck finally get merried and when Serena married Dan with that brilliant dress in the last episode! It`s like a dream!

  10. donia brigui Said:

    ma partie préféré de la saison six était quand Serena a épousé dan avec sa jolie robe c’est trés merveilleux!

  11. Hayden Miller Said:

    My favorite part was when Blair and Chuck finally got married. They have always been perfect for each other, and now that they are finally married, everything is PERFECT. Love you Gossip Girl{Dan[Still not sure how he pulled off some of the blogs, but love it anyway]} :)

  12. ailene s. fernandez Said:

    I really love Gossip Girl TV.show, and I’m an avid viewer and fan of this show. My favorite episode on season 6 was when finally Chuck and Blair get married and Serena and Dan until the end of this show are finally meant to be no matter what happens. True love for the four of them really do exists. And finally the true identity of gossip girl revealed that was Dan. I’m so happy for the friendship that have made them bonded together for five years.Especially, Serena and Blair friendship.:)

  13. Sean Said:

    I really liked how they had Dan as “Gossip Girl” and the story behind it. It all was summed up really well. I miss watching this show. It’s just not the same on Mondays! XOXO!

  14. nina Said:

    i loved seeing the characters that i grew to love finally all be friends and not hate each other seeing Serena get married to dan made me cry even though i loved her with nate seeing her happy and look so stunning in that dress made me realise that dan and serena getting married simply made them who they are;they were meant to be. I will never stop loving the show and will never stop having my own gg dvd marathons. i have never loved anything more, i know everything there is to know about GGxoxo

  15. Aoife Williams Said:

    My favourite episode in season six had to be the last one as bitter sweet as it was it was a nice way to end the great six years! Of course I loved Chuck and Blair wedding and her dress was AMAZING! And I liked that it wasn’t left hanging like many shows we got to see how it all ended and everyone’s story was complete!

  16. Laura Floyd Said:

    My fav episode is the finale, the drama of chuck and Blair and that dan and serena end up happy together! <3

  17. Camille Said:

    I definitely love the last episode! it made me realize how much this show has grown on me. I watched it the whole 6 seasons in ONE week!! i didnt leave my house at all to just watch the show. IT WAS THE BEST.

  18. Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario Said:

    Every episode is my favourite part actually but if I will choose one is when Blair and Chuck is finally married. All is settled down and fixed everything though it seems they had to escape from the cops. Love risks everything but if there’s a will, there’s a way. I am super fan of this love team ever since because I feel like more blair when it comes to love yet uper Serena when deciding up things and I love how Chuck and Dan do all the things just to have their loved ones in their arms. ♥ xoxo

  19. Diane Said:

    The fact that Dan was gg, omg!

  20. momoko koike Said:

    I love gossip girl!!
    I’m live in Japan!!
    I want to America!!

    I hope to get gossip girl season6!‼

  21. Cierra Said:

    My favorite Season 6 moment was when Dan and Serena got back together (for real). I’ve always loved the two of them together! I LOVE Gossip Girl and I’ll miss this show terribly!

  22. karen f. Said:

    My favorite Season 6 episode? I’ve yet to see season 6 – that’s why I need the DVD!

  23. David English Said:

    My favorite episode is It’s Complicated for two reasons: 1) The conversation Dan has with his father when he goes back to Brooklyn and tells him “I have a plan, I have this whole time and it’s working”

    and the last scene with Chuck and Blair where he asks “Will you go to war with me?” and she says “I thought you’d never ask”.

  24. Juliana Said:

    i want this so badly

  25. demourl Said:

    this is a nice post

  26. Karen Said:

    The final one ! Because Chuck and Blair get married !!!! :)

  27. Emma De bruyn Said:

    My favourite part was absolutely the last episode! everything ends so clearly, never thought Dan was gossip girl, I think he’s a good husband for Serena,they are made for each other! I also loved the part that Chuck asked Blair to marry him,they are just perfect together. Nobody would be a better couple than Blair and Chuck are. I hope I met someone and who will marry me, who will be as good and cute as Chuck is by Blair, it’s a dream guy for every girl I think!

  28. Camila Said:

    I just loved episode 7 when Blair finally makes it as a designer with something that was so natural for her and whyle Chuck struggles to take his revenge!! LOVE GG!!!!

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