All About The Season 6 Premiere!

It’s finally here! The premiere of Gossip Girl Season 6 is happening tonight at 10/9c on The CW, and we’ve got some insider scoop from Stephanie Savage, executive producer. Check out her hints below, then watch the video for some sneak peek clips:

On Serena’s Disappearance -Serena is missing, and it’s not the usual Serena going off doing something fabulous, being reported by the tabloids… She’s truly missing. Even though everybody left Serena in kind of a bad place, especially Dan and Blair, they’re very worried about her, and the thought that something truly bad might have happened to her brings everybody home.”

On Bart Bass’s Return - “Probably the biggest thing to happen last season is the return of Bart Bass, so we’ll find out what happened to he and Lily, and Rufus who also has been busy over the summer.”

On Nate’s Mission to Uncover Gossip Girl’s Identity - “At the end of last season, Nate got some crucial information about the identity of Gossip Girl from Diana Payne, and when we pick up with him at the beginning of Season 6, he’s starting to put the pieces together and he’s gotten really close to figuring out who she is. What does he do with that information and will he actually succeed in his mission to uncover Gossip Girl?”

Be sure to join Gossip Girl for live-tweeting during the episode at 10/9c at @gossipgirl.

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