Season 6 Video Promo: Watch What Happens!

Five years ago, the CW’s Gossip Girl didn’t just change the television landscape… it gave it a whole new attitude. And after a season this mind-blowing, this scandalous, this provocative, and just plain over-the-top insane, everyone wants to know… where will it go from here?

Check out the Gossip Girl Season 6 video promo below to look back on the craziness that has happened so far and what is to come. A few things stand out in the promo: the group is at a wedding and it seems that Serena van der Woodsen is wearing a white dress and kissing her new beau on the show, played by actor Barry Watson. Do you think she is the one getting married or is that just what the promo wants to make you believe?

Also something to take note of: Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf‘s conversation. Blair: “I’m all in.” Chuck: “And my bet’s on us.”

Watch it now and tell us what you hope happens in the final season!

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