A Book to Cure Your Gossip-Girl-Hiatus Blues

The Secret Circle Book 6: The DivideWhile we’re all waiting patiently for the Gossip Girl hiatus to end on April 2, 2012, we need have something to keep our minds from going crazy. We need something that can fill the void for the romances, power struggles, and evil forces that rule the Upper East Side. We need… witches! A new book released this week has kept us on the edge of our plush leather loveseats: The Secret Circle, Book 6: The Divide.

The elite group of witches that stars in The Secret Circle TV show, first appeared in the book series, created by L.J. Smith. Now the series continues with The Secret Circle, Book 6: The Divide.

This supernatural read features Cassie Blake and the same circle of witches that TSC TV show fans have come to know, but the novel gives readers a much more intimate look at the romances, power struggles, and evil forces that make the Circle go round. In The Divide, the Circle has appointed three witches, Cassie, angelic Diana, and mischievous Faye, to lead as a triumvirate—but Faye finds it nearly impossible to play nice, and Cassie is in the midst of a hot and heavy relationship with Diana’s ex boyfriend, Adam. With new enemies uniting against them, the Circle members will have to put aside their differences and protect their own to survive, but no one knows who to trust or who to fear.

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