Meow! Taylor, Demi and Selena Team Up Against Miley Cyrus!

Hell hath no fury like a teen queen scorned, darlings. Make that a trio of teen queens. I hear that Selena Gomez’s BFFs Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato have rallied around her to help her through her rehab drama and Bieber break up. And most importantly to embark upon my very favorite adventure: plotting revenge.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez


Ah, minions–revenge! Few things fill my soul with such fiendish glee and utter delight! I often wish that Taylor would move to Manhattan so we may become besties, and now that I hear she’s a master avenger, I want that dream to come true even more.

But just who has drawn the ire of these irate It Girls? None other than their former friend, Miley Cyrus! Rumor has it that Miley had a torrid fling with Justin, thus putting the nail in he and Sel’s romantic coffin. When Taylor and Demi heard that MC was the reason for Selena’s mental anguish, they decided to get even. How? Well their tactics aren’t quite as dramatic as I’d hoped.

Miley Cyrus


I hear that TS, DL and SG are essentially freezing Miley out of any and all celeb events and trashing 24/7. Now, Miley is so keen to avoid the terrible trio, that she’s skipping out on parties and appearances the girls have RSVP’d to–and it’s costing Miley money! Call it Hollywood-style vengeance, darlings.

“Miley checks in with club owners and event planners to make sure those girls won’t be around,” says my spy. “Taylor isn’t shy about telling people she thinks Miley is a skank.”

taylor swift


I hope it was worth it for 40 seconds of passion with a 110-pound d-bag, Miley. Because that fling sounds like the gift that will keep on giving…XOXO.


  1. emily Said:

    wth! she didn’t have a fling with justin! and HA, taylor is ONE TO TALK, calling somebody else a skank? yaaa, you aren’t much better girl.

  2. RSV Said:

    OMG. This is middle school stuff. I thought those 3 girls had more class than that, I guess their true colors are starting to show. They say what goes around comes around. Let Miley choose her own fate but instead these 3 are playing with Miley’s fate and they will end up having the same thing done to them as they are doing to Miley. Anyways Miley did Selena a favor; it’s a blessing in disguise. She is so much better than that trash Justin, she needs a real man not a little *itch boy.

  3. selena Said:

    I wouldn’t trust Taylor as far as I could throw her. She is so jealous of Selena it’s not even funny. I believe she’s the reason Justin and Selena broke up the first time. She just can’t stand to c someone else happy if she’s not. Get a life Taylor!

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