Spotted: Justin Bieber With a Single Red Rose at Selena Gomez’s 21st Birthday

It’s a slow morning over here on the Upper East Side, dolls. I’m still recovering from Selena Gomez’s west coast birthday party that happened over the weekend. But it was totes worth the quick trip to Malibu to dress up like a gypsy and see the famous faces show up to wish Sel a happy 21st.

And boy were there some surprises… there were whispers that Justin Bieber might show up to celebrate with his girlfriend ex whatever-they-are, but everyone was still shocked to see him show up (and yes, he rolled up in that extremely hideous leopard-print Audi. Ugh!) He wasn’t dressed up with the theme of the party in mind, but whatevs. He wore a black-and-green letterman jacket, dark jeans and white high-tops, and carried a single red rose for the birthday girl.

Apparently that’s all she wanted because I spied the two leaving in the same car that night, and rumor has it, they stayed together at JB’s house in Calabasas. Ahh, young love.

Other party-goers included Julianne Hough, Nina Dobrev, Derek Hough, Ashley Benson and Jaden Smith. Check out some of the pics from the evening:

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Photo Credit: Instagram


  1. QueenB Said:

    With all the money he has, he should be bringing a harry winston necklace or something. If you want to say it with flowers, a single rose says “I’m cheap.”

  2. Serena Said:

    Why just a single rose? If I was sel I would want a whole 12 dozen roses not just a single. Like really what is she suppose to do with one rose?

  3. Chuck Said:

    That only works with me, Chuck Bass.

  4. Dan Said:

    Sounds enough to me.

  5. Sybil Said:

    That’s adorable!!! (I’m sure he had a diamond necklace waiting in the back of that audi.)

  6. H.H Said:

    the single rose might just be the first installment of the gift and that’s why they went back to his’ so he can give her the real one privately,,, makes way more sense to want to give her his gift privately if this much speculation has already been going on about just one rose gosh

  7. Blair Said:

    As Chuck said, that only works with him.

  8. Sam Said:

    Justin Bieber is cheap? Are you fucking retarted? He is richer than you will ever be and he hired out the Staple Centre for Selena’s B’day once.. Shut the fuck up

  9. S Said:

    like dan said, its enough

  10. Anwen Said:

    Well at least he tried. I’m not saying I like Justin but Sometimes I think Selena could better! like a Romney or something. They all look like abercrombie models! <3

  11. lily Said:

    I really dont think thats enough at more than one rose i mean he is rich i would understand if he was poor or something but he has money.

  12. samira Said:

    <3 nice

  13. Gloria Gilbert Said:

    I honestly can’t stand either Selena or Justin, both seem a little stuck up in interviews. Justin acts like a downright dick, Serena as if she’s better than everyone. Respect them and all except for Selena’s musical side, she sounds sort of terrible.

    One red rose is actually a really romantic gesture though.

  14. Sara Hart Said:

    I only thought Gossip Girl lived on the Upper East Side in the show…. I guess I was wrong. My apologizes to Gossip Girl. But Gossip Girl, you were at the party? Or were you’re spies? If you were, did the famous know who you really are? xoxo

  15. SHANELL Said:

    Selena I think you should be grateful seriously we don’t know what happened after that party but I’m sure that rose wasn’t the only gift you got from him people might think his cheap but look behind the first story…if he did only give you that rose then I could understand he is a cheapo! But I believe that wasn’t the only gift you got you got more than that after that partY! So be grateful for what you have there are people and children out there who would love to have at least one rose to hold onto…

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