Is Justin Bieber Invited To Selena Gomez’s 21st Birthday Party?

It’s her party, and she’ll invite him (or not) if she wants to… newly single Selena Gomez revealed her plans for her 21st birthday this summer, and it sounds like the perfectly-themed bash for ex Justin Bieber to attend — that’s IF he’s on the guest list.

“I’m gonna have a big party,” she told Ryan Seacrest. “I wanted to do like a hip-hop theme,” she said of the bash that’s going to end up at her house. While all her close friends have already received save-the-dates, I’m wondering if JB got his. Do you think she put one in the mail for him or should he go ahead and RSVP for something else that evening?

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  1. Bianka Said:

    Justin is happy without her :)

  2. Shelby Said:

    I feel like she wont invite him, because what is shown in tabloids is they are not close anymore, not even as friends. I want him to be invited I thought they were cute together even if it is just as friends.

  3. Mikayla Said:

    I think invite him because thier firends so I think she should they wrere so cuite together

  4. SveniiYolo Said:

    I think she’ll send him an invitation… I’m mean they were like almost 3 years together.. ;)

  5. Candy Said:

    It would be weird to invite your ex if you ask me?
    Especially one who’s obviously gone crazy after the
    breakup. If they’re not friends, why the hell would
    she invite him btw?

  6. mercy winas Said:

    selena invited JB but he declined giving some flimsy excuses like i will be very busy dat day

  7. Sophie Said:

    she’s happy without him because he’s such a faggot!

  8. Peace Said:

    I tink she sud invite im,dey re bth beta as frndz

  9. zaakOo Said:

    They should reaLy be togetheR they werE the cutesT couplE;)

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