New (Old) Couple Alert: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber :(

They’re baaaack!

Just when you thought maybe, just maybe Selena Gomez finally had the possibility to date someone up to her caliber, she falls back into the arms of Justin Bieber, thus squashing any amount of respect I was beginning to have for her.

WTF Selena?

My spies caught the Biebs and Sel hanging out together earlier this week at Bible study (can JB be saved?) and on a movie date. But what happened in the theater lobby confirms they’re (shudder) more than just friends.

He picked her up in his arms and they… I can’t say it… ugh… kissed. So high on love (or whatever), JB posted a pic of the moment on Instagram, captioning it: “Right now everything else is a blur.” Are you sure that’s not just the sizzurp, JB?

justin bieber kisses selena gomez


Of course, Justin ended up deleting the pic. Perhaps Selena came to realize her life choices were in fact horrible and made him take it down. But I doubt it. Sorry Sel. I can’t help you anymore. Everyone knows you can’t save a damsel if she loves her distress. XOXO


  1. Roxxy37 Said:

    Why do you hate Justin so much? It’s annoying. Plus if they love each other just leave them alone… It’s their life not yours.

  2. frozenelsa Said:

    EW! Selena is such an idiot! I bet she got back with him just to call everyone’s attention. These two should just retire, they’re both talent-less, and idiot attention seekers

  3. diana Said:

    That is NOT Selena Gomez. It looks nothing like her.

  4. Cassandra Said:

    Her Finger looks weird.

  5. L Said:

    Both of these people are talentless and attention seeking. I say we stop reporting about it because quite frankly, no one gives a sh*t anymore. Buh-bye.

  6. Swizz_lee Said:

    Yeah, lol there is something way wrong with that finger, it looks like E.T’s.

  7. lil tomboi Said:

    Lol! That’s not her finger, it’s the cap!

  8. candyfloss123 Said:

    This isn’t Selena, people are saying it is Kendell Jenner.

  9. Eva Said:

    Such cheap writing. Do you have firsthand knowledge Gossip Girl of Bieber taking sizzurp, or do you believe everything an outlet that blackmailed a kid of 14 reports?

    Bizarrely, there was no codeine in Bieber’s DUI tox and he’s the healthiest looking sizzurp-swigger I’ve ever seen go hiking, diving, running, basketball etc etc.

    I wonder at the cruelty and vileness of people who trot out rumors without any basis, or would scream blue murder if the same were done to them. Shameful

  10. dopplehanger Said:

    Wits up with Selena’s ET finger

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