Why Was Selena Gomez Banned From Russia?

Selena Gomez is banned from Russia, and Lady Gaga and Madonna are to blame… kind of. I’m hearing that Sel was scheduled to perform concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow next week, but she was denied a visa, reportedly because of an effort by the country to restrict artists who support gay rights.

Whispers are going around that a major part of this ban comes from Lady Gaga and Madonna’s open advocacy for LGBT rights in that country which says no to “nontraditional sexual relationships.”

Sel has been busy on her overseas tour, stopping in Germany, Portugal, and France, among other exotic places, but the one place she won’t be saying hi to her fans at is Russia. Sorry, kids! :(

What do you think of this ban? Tell me in a comment below!

Selena Gomez In Concert


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  1. Rebecca Said:

    I think-
    Why are you trying to talk real world politics, let alone to a bunch of vapid wanna be fauxxkks?
    Anyway, Selena is so meh. I’m not agreeing with Russia’s political morals, per say… But I am saying who cares, especially about Sel?! Bye.

  2. Toma Said:

    This is kind of sad, because I actually AM from Russia. :(

  3. Adele Said:


  4. Nian Said:


  5. Amy Said:

    That’s just stupid! My parents and most of my family came from Russia many years ago (to the USA). That’s just a disgrace to my family and my ancestors! So what if she supports gay rights! It’s NOT your job, as a country, to tell her that she can’t sing in your country because her views are wrong, in your opinion! Free speech man! You NEED to embrace that because it is awesome! Go worry about Syria blowing your sorry asses to bits and NOT about someone’s opinions!

  6. Mary C Said:

    You do realize that many of Russia’s “Anti-gay” laws are incredibly similar to several laws found in a number of States within the US…

  7. alex Said:

    total bs, tbh!!

  8. Samara Said:

    this is stupid! she should be wherever the hell she wants to be

  9. Alakey Said:

    Well, I didnt even know she was banned
    btw i think she is way too smart for russia..JK I love Russia.
    there should be some possible reason why they banned selena, i dont really know what ‘s that..
    i guess some one else will answer that :P

  10. tbirdsfast Said:

    I live in the U.S., and I did not know what Selena’s opinion about homosexuals was or are or is. How does RUSSIA know? What happens to all the fans who are waiting to see her. Does her appearance bring revenue to the area? Could be the “powers to be” in Russia really shot themselves in the foot this time.

  11. Emma Said:

    Nonsense… This world is really going crazy and the worst thing is that we aren’t doing anything to stop it.

  12. Child of popular mama Said:

    i mean,come on? srsly? this girl is such a BORE that even a gay news can’t make her seem interesting… i am like,reading like this-
    Russia bans Selena Gomez…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    And leave Russia and Russian politics alooone,it is not American buisnis,America should take care of her-their (whatever) problems first (and you have problems,i watch the news…like ban the mada fucking guns allredy)

  13. Child of popular mama Said:

    @tbirdsfast brainwashed children are better of without her,they just don’t know it yet :)

  14. Child of popular mama Said:

    @Emma and what would you do Emma,bommb Russia because they aint listening big brother America? xD ugh there’s a saying in my small country (wich you Americans bommbed back in the days,but i bet you don’t know about that,just like now you know nothing),first clean your back yard,and then tell neighbor he should clean his…

  15. Ivaaa Said:

    I did a little snooping and found out that they are banning her because she supports gay rihgts! I can’t belive ti, the aren’t right to do that! :(

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