First Look: Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get It”

At some point musicians felt the need to release teaser trailers…for music videos. Music videos that are only three minutes long to begin with. Well whatever, minions, because at least Selena Gomez’s new peek for her upcoming single “Come & Get It” is visually interesting. I hear that Sel will be performing the new tune in two weeks on the MTV Movie Awards and she’s tres anxious because it’ll be, as she says, “It’s my first performance back as a musician. I’m so nervous!”

Back as a musician? What else would we call her? Oh right–she’s trying to be an actress. So adorable. Unless of course she’s talking about her year off playing the role of Justin Bieber’s beloved.

I’m not sure which was more of a stretch for her–pretending to be a bank robbing spring breaker or tolerating JB’s “swag.”

Whatever the case, are you rooting for Sel’s big pseudo-comeback at the MTVMA’s?


  1. selenators Said:

    Omg!! can’t wait!! will be so fun! She is a better singer/songwriter than a actress! love you selena!!

  2. iwizardstyleStyles Said:


  3. Naima Said:

    So true GG,,,Love You!

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