Selena Gomez Crushing on Zayn Malik?

Buh bye, Bieber. Selena Gomez confessed that she’d like to kiss One Direction fox Zayn Malik who, regrettably, is back together with that girl he briefly split from after cheating allegations.

But take heart, 1D fanatics: a Zelena may one day happen. Z admitted that he had a soft spot for Sel too–could this be the beginning of a beautiful new pop power couple?

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  1. iinventedfetch Said:

    Don’t touch them.
    You had Nick Jonas when he was cool, you had Taylor Lautner when he was cool, you had Justin when he became cool, you will not get my babys.

  2. natalieadairr Said:

    um, he has a girlfriend, so no, they’re not the next power couple.

  3. ggada Said:

    well if she has to date someone from 1D (they suck)it should be the hottest member aka zayn

  4. SushiSaggi Said:

    Nuh-uh….that is NAWT gonna happen… NOPENOPENOPE NOOOOOOOOOOO Zelena. EVER.

  5. Chandre' Engelbrecht Said:

    I’m totaLii inLove With Zayn And aLSo SeLena, So them GettinG toGetheR in the futuRe WouLd definateLii Be OkaY With Meh, #eXCited#

  6. q0nytha Said:

    wooooooow what happened with Selena …
    ever ….
    how thinking his lover??? nice
    I LIKE ZAYN ALSO SELENA, Selena and Zayn is very sweet :)

  7. Beaster Said:


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